Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

  • kmsravindra

    a black material color has always made the entire thing black, since it multiplies the diffuse map, and emissive of black means 0 emissive so the object needs to be lit up, i don't know the specifics of your project but nothing has changed with regards to that so the issue is your mistake most likely.

    I don't understand what you mean by the "same Q3D Master" and "same Q3D Objects". I need a minimal capx with the issue to see what's causing it. There are a lot of complex elements and i need a project that clearly demonstrates any bug, as it's not very obvious what was done to cause it and text posts don't do a good job explaining the issue, especially through a language barrier. All i can say is i tested switching between two layout and it works fine for me, so you must be doing something specific that I havent tried.

    In general changing layout is a bit iffy with Q3D Master, so it's a good idea to just have one object that's global if possible, since Q3D Master will never be destroyed in this case, preventing some weird things from happening. Make sure multiple Q3D Master never exist simultaneously.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Thanks! It doesn't matter it's poorly done, I want to study how is done after all.

  • Joannesalfa

    The issue was that i was upset with how badly designed the C2 RTS template is, so it makes things difficult to improve since it's built on a bad foundation! If I did it again i'd make it much simpler/better.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, When I set material emissive color for an object having a diffuse map in v2.4, it doesnt multiply the diffuse map...rather the object is just showing the plain emissive color that is set. I remember that I read somewhere in the forums that when there are no lights in the scene and we want the object's diffuse map to be fully visible, then I need to set my material color as black and emissive color to full white so that the entire diffuse map appears on the model with no lights in the scene. This used to happen as mentioned in V2.3 but its not happening now...There cant be a chance that I am doing wrong in v2.4 because I am using the same code that worked earlier on v2.3 and I am using the same with V2.4...Not sure if this is some problem at my end or in v2.4

    EDIT: I just crosschecked the above functionality with V2.3 re-installed and it works! It doesnt work in V2.4.

  • kmsravindra

    must be a three.js change with how emissive multiplies then.

    Instead of doing that just set the material type to "Basic" with a white color, it'll be fully lit. The "emissive" trick was a hack before different material types were available.

  • It could be quite so. Thanks and now it worked with "Basic" material...

  • hmm... encountered a new problem... hope I'm just not too dumb for that plugin

    I created an animated model in "Fuse", exported it as FBX, imported it to clara.io and blender in order to convert it to three.js json to keep the animations.

    Now my trouble:

    • for both, I do get a .json file, but your plugin either requests a .js or .obj.
    • I renames the .json to .js, but importing it triggers errors and the model will not get loaded.

    Any idea? (and still keeping my hopes that someday, we can easily import .dae or .fbx files. At least clara.io is able to do so and is also based on three.js).

    If you like, I can share the fbx with you privately if you like to have a look.

  • Ubivis

    you can use a .js or .json, it recognizes both extensions as the same as of like V2-3 or something

    What is the error message you're getting?

    Send me the converted .js file

    Also make sure you convert it to "three.js object", as Q3D doesn't recognize the scene format for models.

    EDIT: just checked clara.io and it doesn't export the proper type of model file. Why dont you try importing to blender and re-exporting from there? I'll try to eventually support the newer three.js model format as well. I can't easily support fbx because of the license it has, and the fact the format is maintained by a third party who doesn't release easily accessible information, it's a lot more complex than it seems.

    Just make blender do the conversion

  • Hi QuaziGNRLnose, great update!

    Thank you for the LayoutIcon option! Really helping me organize my project.

    Another thing, I think I may have found a problem with exporting projects to HTML5. Not sure if I'll be able to explain it though...

    You know how C2 games can be played off-line, if you already loaded the game once? With Q3D that kind of works too, but it seems the textures are not stored locally. So the game runs, but everything looks black.

    Look at this Texturing Model example in my dropbox. It should look alright if you are on-line. Try disconnecting and then reload the page. You'll be able to see only the debug boxes.

    Unless of course this is some sort of feature so that people can't play disconnected? Or I'm doing something wrong? I didn't modify that example capx other than enabling debug boxes and had this problem with other projects.

  • uhuuuuuu 2.4 is out gravity 3d hahahah thanks man your awesome you made c2 a new easy 3d engine nice nice nice nice u have my gratitude :*

  • pedroRocha

    I didn't really build Q3D for storing online files locally after download, so the only way to do that is to back up the page/site directory with something like WGET and run it on local host. I never really considered the use case where people want to run the site offline since caching all the data might lead to too much data being stored. AFAIK a lot of browsers cache things automatically anyway so it's kind of an edge case Q3D doesn't handle. If this is an issue (people are complaining about downloading multiple times, you could always offer an offline NW.js version). Chrome at least appears to cache the model.

    if i look in " chrome://cache " I can see the model file has been cached for faster reloading. I guess this doesn't end up working offline but i don't really know why, probably something to do with chrome itself.

    EDIT: this is a bit helpful

    http://superuser.com/questions/459196/i ... in-firefox

    It's a complicated issue and i'm not even sure i can set it up to work through the plugin (as the setting is for the page itself which is part of construct's exporters job, it may be an issue with construct not backing up project files if it does do the manifest and all that, i'm really not sure and wont have time to look into it for a while)

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    How about this converter for fx file?

  • rexrainbow

    It might work, but i've never tried it, and as far as i can tell --> No animation support which kind of defeats the purpose

  • QuaziGNRLnose Just downloaded and is a great plugin.

    I would like to ask you. Is there any way to rotate a 3d sprite ? Cause now 3d sprites always face the camera, an the other way around is to create a box texture which is a little time consuming.

    Besides that is there any thoughts about Construct 3 compatibility and / or upgrade pricing, cause my project might be in development by the time Construct 3 come's out and probably i would love to upgrade. As I understand Construct 3 might support the creation of a true 3d editor "plugin"

  • stefanos

    3D sprites can be rotated with their angle property but they always face the screen as this is their purpose. If you want something like a plane with textures you should use a model as you suggest. q3d sprites are cheap because of their always face cam attribute.

    Im unaware at this time if the plugin for c3 will have an upgrade price. If the work involved is considerable it might.

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