Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

  • Ubivis

    your issue is that you are using "local space position"

    local space position moves the object relative to its own coordinate system, which is moving. It seems you want the object to move towards "destX/Y/Z", so what you should do is "point" the bullet at that location using "look at (parent/world)" and move by local space vector (0,0,speed) per tick

    Another option if you don't wish to affect the rotation is to set the objects position per tick in a "parent/world" type set position action. You'll have to subtract the current bullet location in xyz from the current destination in xyz, then normalize those values by distance (divide them by the 3D distance) then multiply them by speed.


    // get the difference vector

    delX = bullet.destX-bullet.initialX

    delY = bullet.destY-bullet.initialY

    delZ = bullet.destZ-bullet.initialZ

    // get the distance and normalization factor

    dist = sqrt(delX^2+delY^2+delZ^2)

    // normalization factor is multiplied by the speed,

    // so basically the del vector becomes a (unit vector)*(speed) when multiplied by normalization

    normalize = speed/dist

    // move the object

    set parent/world space position:

    X: bullet.x+delX*normalize

    Y: bullet.y+delY*normalize

    Z: bullet.z+delZ*normalize


    you can export animations with the blender exporter:

    https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/tree ... rs/blender

    for now only morph animations are supported but as i've stated skeletal is very close.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Cool, this worked... many, many thanks

  • version 2.4 is out, with changelog on the main page. Download from the same page as before.

    I'll be focusing more on documentation/examples now, only editing the main code base if bugs need to be fixed.

  • Dammit,

    I guess I'll have to figure out how to use paypal now..

    The skeletal animation possibility was the one thing I was waiting for..

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Great news! And even sooner than expected. Oh how I wish I wasn't at work right now.

    Feature requests:

    1) Support for smartphone VR glasses such as Cardboard, Dive, GearVR in the form of a double bulge filter for two adjoining viewports. (I am using a Cardboard everyday at work, and the distortion really is necessary.)

    Example: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/aaKo8pcMvs-z0nhzPWtkYzgTx1TTQfuZVGtzRp3wbBeI0xH4CIjajdVkjFV5Kivb=h900

    Example: http://greety.sakura.ne.jp/redo/2014/12/11/cardboard-sdk-unity-sample.png

    2) A working three.js exporter for Blender that automatically includes all existing Blender actions with their corresponding names in the generated js file.

    General Q3D question:

    When my 2.5D platformer character switches the direction it's facing, how can I make the model turn around smoothly instead of changing its angle instantly? Because that's the best I could do with the available rotation actions. I think what I would need for this is an action like "rotate to target angle (local space) at X speed". Is there an elegant workaround for this?

  • I receive this message with my json models. You are attempting to use the model[dfhdh]which has skinning information on Q3D model[ffhj], but without the behaviour Q3D Skin Controller applied, this will lead to a fatal error. consider adding the behaviour or removing the bones. v 2.3 I didn't receive any messages like this.

  • nemo

    The issue is that your models have skeletal animations that arent used then. You exported them with the data without realizing and now that q3d supports them its wondering why that data is there.

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  • So now that I've spent about an hour with v2.4, I noticed that the export is still broken. All you get is a black screen like with v2.3. I thought v2.4 was supposed to fix that, too. ... I mean being able to export your game is rather crucial for a developer.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, This is great! thanks...Could you please upload some examples for using v2.4 features please? I couldnt find any in the starting thread.

  • Strange, it's fixed for me. How can i reproduce it?

    Make sure you're not minifying the project. Because of the way the minifier works (advanced optimizations) it wouldn't be easily possible to support it with Q3D in C2. If you want to minimize file size you should run C2runtime.js and any large js files from the export through a less harsh minifier like : http://jscompress.com/. This will retain all functionality but shrink the file size by around 50%.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Sorry, I found the problem. I checked "minify script" in the export window. I didn't know this destroys games that use Q3D, but it does.

  • Yea I had to design around minify because Q3D requires plugins to communicate in a way construct doesn't readily support with some of its features (notably it's minifier) this has been an issue a lot of people run into.

  • I've started writing some documentation today.

    I've begun writing 33 pages (with pictures and descriptions) on "getting started" with the various core features of Q3D. I'm going to try to add a little every day so i'll hopefully have some useful documentation in not too long (perhaps a few weeks).

  • I'm pretty new to actual 3D development so before I buy this I'm wondering if are there any good tutorials around for beginners? I noticed that the original post has got some examples, but I'm not sure they include what I really need, which is rather simple and basic - a single model on-screen, and the player to be able to rotate around it by dragging the mouse around the object, like a model viewer.

    In any case, I'm just waiting a bit longer so I have enough cash to buy this and figure it out by myself, but if you could point me to the right direction and show me some tutorials on how to accomplish that I'd be grateful!

    By the way I couldn't find anything on the thread though so I'm sorry if anything like that has been posted before.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Does your plugin support frustrum culling?

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