Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

  • How easy is this to use for a beginner? What are its limits? I assume a full open world game would be impossible

    I'd say the plugin requires intermediate experience with construct and 3D tools. It's very easy to make simple things, even for a beginner, but more complicated 3D games require an understanding of trigonometry / linear algebra, and basic 3D graphics principles. The plugin is much simpler to use than it used to be, but it's not meant to be extremely beginner friendly as this would limit the flexibility / speed of the 3D engine a bit.

    The C2 engine, and Q3D itself are geared for web technologies. Q3D performs quite well considering its all WebGL and JavaScript. You can make many types of 3D games, but as you assume there are obviously limitations to the size/complexity since everything is meant to run in a browser. With that said, the performance is pretty much as good as it can be in a browser, and you can get away with quite complex games. With time and updates it'll get even better, but don't expect native performance you seen in stuff like modern 3D AAA titles is possible.

    All in all you need to expect that Q3D doesn't do the work of building your game for you, but gives you some nice tools to work on 3D web games / applications using construct.

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    Check out the video on this app-

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Ah that is great to hear! I'm doing an orthographic camera/pixel art project so keeping the lights disabled when not near the viewport should be an easy optimisation. 2.3 is really great to use, I'm a very happy bunny with the lights and sprite plugins! Once you've wrapped your head around the extra dimension and how things are viewed in the editor it becomes very easy to use indeed

  • Export to NodeWebkit does not work as it should. Some of my 3D objects are missing ingame after export. The preview button in C2 for NodeWebkit works fine. Strange. Why does the preview work but not the export?

  • UnixRoot

    Thats usually caused if you try to load a file that doesnt exist, im not sure why it ends up as an error only in export but check ALL your Q3D models to make sure theyre trying to access / load legitimate files, the loading fails to continue if it hIts a false file in NW. PM me the capx if possible, so i can try to find a fix.

    It may have to do with how files are hosted on localhost in preview, I really dont know atm.

  • can we now capture "render" an image with a transparent background in a png, instead of a white or black background??

  • How exactly would be Q3Dsprite be useful? some usecases would be helpful...

  • kmsravindra

    3D Sprites are useful for a lot of things. Isometric games and 2.5D games can benefit greatly.

    Very many 3D games use billboards / sprites for things like smoke / clouds / fire / explosions / lights / flares / bullets / trees / grass / leaves / imposters etc. they're cheap to render and look 'good' from all angles.


    there is a new action in Q3D Master called "Snapshot", it's all the way at the bottom. To "save" alpha transparency you first have to set the scene background alpha/opacity to 0. The snapshot action triggers a render so try to put it at the beginning of your event sheet, before you make any changes to the scene for the next frame. There's then a snapshot URL you can access through an expression in Q3D Master, and pass to the browser objects for saving / displaying, or to a sprite etc.

  • Thanks

  • thanks its working

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  • I brought when it came out and never looked back.This is great news for construct 2 plugin

  • This plugin is really great.

    Thanks to NASA I have created some real world 3D physics with gravitation, drag, inertia, thrust and all the fancy stuff.


  • UnixRoot impressive demo!

  • [quote:3aao2yu2]With this addition, new custom shaders can be made using ".qfx" files. These are written in normal GLSL and have the normal features of three.js shader materials but have a particular xml-like layout. See packaged ".qfx" files for examples

    Where can I find these packaged .qfx files? I need more information about the file format. Google says qfx is a file format for the finance software quicken.

  • UnixRoot

    Didn't include them yet, I had a few tests ready but didn't include them because i wasn't sure they'd be final and didn't want peoples stuff breaking next update.

    They're a custom file format for Q3D so you wont find them anywhere, but they're basically just a bunch of text for glsl / js needed to setup custom shaders that will eventually be possible. Anyone who knows their way around glsl / three.js would be able to write them and they operate kind of like effects.

    sorry for being misleading i write the changelog as i go and forget stuff sometimes.

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