Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

  • This is a great plugin and is working really nicely if you have experience with 3D game engines. People should stop demanding weird features just for their own purposes that has nothing to do with 3D game engines and let QuaziGNRLnose improve this plugin with the stuff that's important and hopefully soon support skeletal animations and animation blending.

  • Yup, skeletal animation is a must have feature.

  • well about the "own purposes", nemo, those function im looking for are really useful for everyone, not just for "me", if this plugin can be easier to use, its better for us, because actually its complicated to use, with all those math to put in place if we want something working.

    also as a 3D modeler, i don't have the knowledge of coding functions we never see/use in a 3d software.

    for a new user it's completly normal to ask a lot of questions about a new product and get the right answers.

    if you don't ask questions before you buy a car, some day your'e going to have a bad surprise, and it's the same with a new software/plugin.

  • As someone who dabbles with 3D stuff from time to time I'd have to agree with nemo - some arbitrary control systems do not belong in a plugin - if you have a way to manipulate object/camera angles that's enough to build a custom interface around.

    The more there is in a plugin, the higher the chances of bugs, problems, etc. Keep it lean and clean and efficient.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I have a project that uses two cameras and two viewports. When I set Q3DMaster BG Alpha to 0 and use Inside as the render mode - it doesn't render correctly. When I use Infront everything looks as it should. You can test this with your Raycaster & Viewports example.

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  • Isn't skeletal animation same as morph targets?

  • nemo

    ah didn't catch that that smearing bug, gonna try to find a solution. ill try to have it fixed for next version.

  • Isn't skeletal animation same as morph targets?

    Skeletal animation would allow for you to actually move around the bones within construct, it's a different technique. It's a planned feature but i'm working on some other stuff first.

  • Please don't forget the transparency (png), i mean, if we want for ex save a picture of the object without the background

  • Thanks QuaziGNRLnose for that planned feature...That sure sounds interesting. Need to figure out my usecases

  • Can I build 3D FPS games with this plugin and is there more examples???


    Just now I saw an example of FPS game that was built with this plugin so I only have two questions before I buy the plug.

    1. Do I get these examples (What appears in this forum).

    2. What file formats (models and textures) this plugin can open?

  • maordany

    Examples can be downloaded from the first post, they're all there (and more)

    Plugin supports common image formats (png/jpeg etc.) It uses the animation system in construct for loading images as textures. The supported model formats are only at the moment ".obj" and ".js/.json" three.js model format 3 files. There's a Blender/Maya exporter for the JSON format, and a bunch of ways you can convert your files to it online if you search, so it's bridged to most common formats (Pretty sure you can import your object then export it using this http://threejs.org/editor/). I'm always adding extra functionality so in future updates I'm going to try and support more formats, but right now these are what are available.

  • fantastic work XD

  • Are any video tutorials planned? I'm completely new to 3D, bought the plugin to have a look around and am totally confused.

    If not a full tutorial, maybe a video explaining what everything is? I'm completely baffled.

    Great work though, thanks!

  • Here is the video link of what I have developed so far...

    Interactive 3D shapes and nets -

    Features - Dynamically load a cube with a corresponding net selected, Show vertices, Edges, transparent shape

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    Thanks to QuaziGNRLnose for this useful plugin.

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