Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

  • You could use the "inside mode" and set the background alpha to 0, that way anything behind the Q3D object would be visible, and anything above would be visible. Inside mode however is buggy on some browsers (i can't fix the fact they dont support video to texture properly). The better option is to use the behind mode, set layer transparent to on so you can see the Q3D canvas below the layer, and make your "parallax background" a Q3D object or textured Q3D plane far in the background, which is how a 3D platformer like Trine is doing it in the first place. With Behind mode you can't show construct content behind the Q3D canvas, but you don't really have to, and this will work on all platforms without the overhead of video to texture.

  • Thanks for the clarification.

    Is there a way to test plugin before buying it? (iw seen tiny tanks)

    Is there some scene presets like: platformer, RTS, FPS etc. from where then i can start poking arround?


  • irina

    right now the plugin is for intermediate users, as you control very low level systems and it can be complicated to understand if you have no programming background. I'm working on an update to make it easier/more construct like and more documentation will be available once that's out.

    There's no try before you buy at the moment, as I don't know how I could implement this, but the list of available actions are available on the front page.

  • Bookmarked this for later - looks good.

  • This looks really well done, the tiny tank demo was a good way to show off the plugin.

  • New plugin set should be out tonight or tomorrow , check the download page for the update when its out

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  • Great! Looking forward to this.

  • The main post has been updated with a changelog, the new version is out! Everyone download it and enjoy let me know of any bugs you encounter so i can fix them.

  • well ... just bought yor plugin, recived an e-mail with a link to login, no problem to login, clic on the only button to download something and instead of the plugin i have a message that starts with

    "Warning: symlink() [function.symlink]: ........................................."

    Hope you fix that as soon as possible.

  • It should be fixed now.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Finally, it's much better now, It makes great experience for new users who want to create 3D games with C2 editor. Thank you!

    Actually, I've tried to run 2 examples were involved with Raycast plugin such as:

    -2D Physics (Using Official physics behaviour) in 3D game.capx

    -Raycaster & Viewports example.capx

    There a screenshot of output:

    Could you have a chance to fix this before to take a nice vacation?

    Anyway, are you planning to integrate animation from 3D model in next update?

  • Actually, nevermind about Raycaster problem, it's working now, I had no idea how it's self-fixed.

    I'm curious about Texturing model.capx I was wondering how to remove shiny skin, I'm looking to apply normal.

  • when i try to open the examples a message pops out saying that i need "q3d model", "q3d raycaster", "q3d viewport" to be installed. how can i update the plugin?

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    I also have the same error for Raycaster problem for the "2D Physics (Using Official physics behaviour) in 3D game.capx" example


    How do you fix it ?

  • tumira

    Change browser preview from Internet Explorer to default BEFORE run, otherwise you get permanent error in all browsers until you restart C2. It makes no sense.

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