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  • Hey I've got an issue with the iFrame and I was wondering if anyone know how to solve this.

    I created a few Construct 2 buttons underneath an iFrame. But I cannot click on those buttons with the mouse. The only way I can do that is if I add "pointer-events: none;" to the Style, but this prevent me from interacting with the mouse inside the iFrame.

    Any ideas as to how I should go about getting both the buttons behind and inside of the iFrame to work with the mouse.

    Thank you

  • Hello Pode

    Is there a way to scale the content of the Iframe with the iframe size? At the moment when I change the size of the game the content remains on the same size, but the Iframe window scales down or up.


  • Pode

    hello, nice plugin.

    Is there a way i can remove that frame arround iframe or atleest change its colour or make it thinner?

  • add: "border-width: 0;" in Style properties and then you don't have the frame edges anymore

  • imothep85

    Oh... this was an eye opening expirience...


  • Pode

    I just used the plugin and it working gr8 in browser.

    but when i exported and i compiled for mobile through cocoonjs...it just showing black screen in the layout where i have loaded the iframe plugin.

    Does this iframe plugin works with cocoonjs for mobiles?


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  • anyone on this??

  • anyone on this??

    No need to keep bumping - you have already tagged Pode and he will answer when next he is on the forum.

    If you check his profile, you will see he hasn't been on for 16 days, so you will need to just be patient.

  • Great plugins!

    but this one can't work on v218

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1412774/iFrame ... mg.1.5.zip

  • Hi,

    small issues

    why if i put a c2 sprite on the iframe area it not apear ?

  • any advise please ?

  • Hi,

    small issues

    why if i put a c2 sprite on the iframe area it not apear ?

    I think it's because iFrame overlaps it when something is inside. I experience the same, and don't know the solution.

  • Hi, I notified that the position of html element will not be updated in official textbox when this position had not changed, which could avoid redundant updates.

    		// Avoid redundant updates
    		if (!first && this.lastLeft === left && this.lastTop === top && this.lastRight === right && this.lastBottom === bottom && this.lastWinWidth === curWinWidth && this.lastWinHeight === curWinHeight)
    			if (this.element_hidden)
    				this.element_hidden = false;
    Will the performance be improved if added this feature?
  • Thank I saved my Project

  • Im using Iframe from pode, i tried to add in style:


    BUT its not working

    How to solve this????

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