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  • Sry but I wouldn't recommend to use this plugin. Here are my reasons:

    1. I don't see the case that user's really accept this. If you create a great game you will be forced to publish it on ios/android/steam. Conversion rates will be higher using payment methods of these stores.

    2. Even if there is a case where early games are requesting donations per paypal you can just simply link out to your paypal merchant account. Everything is stored by paypal and it would feel better for the user. Imagine there is an API error happening that takes out money from the user but show wrong messages and users get confused.

    3. The plugin is stated "early development" which is not good for anything that has to do with sensitive user data especially payment data.

    4. I don't know if there is the possibility of double-checking the code by other users or if it is on github but sure this has the possibility for tricks like sending users money to a different paypal account.

    5. The profile and website imho doesn't look very professional but at the end I would at least expect details about a registered company with address, phone and legal number so I have someone I can blame and sue if there is any kind of fraud happening.

    Don't take it wrong. I am sure "h1k32" has no bad intention and I am thankful for every developer that is working on bringing more value to c2. But regarding serious topics like payment everybody should carefully check on if it is trustful. This is not like a twitter-share or google-leaderboard plugin were you just mess up some tweets or ranks.

    So if someone really sees value in not using store payments or outgoing paypal links wait until it is software status is "stable", "validated" that there is no fraud code and "h1k32" showing valid comapny information.

    Sure you can buy this to support development but don't use it on final published products (yet).

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    [quote:3k6e2u6d]If you create a great game you will be forced to publish it on ios/android/steam

    Who told you that?

  • Joannesalfa That is my opinion. And I would say it is simply logical. You need to publish where the users are (at least if you want to be able to live of that or grow a business from it). The game market is super tough out there. Sure you can find a few supportes within the indie scene but this is not how you generate revenue. If you just want to create a nice game to make others happy or just see it as art (which would be both nice) you wouldn't be forced. But this topic is about a paypal plugin and its purpose is activation of revenue stream.

    *maybe in this case the word "forced" was missleading. Either Apple, Google, Valve, Scirra nor your mom or me is forcing you to publish it there just your own desire to make cash. ( I would say).

    I am very open for discussions about this. ( examples, data, arguments and opinions are very welcome)

  • saad Swad MACPK

    I don't currently have it for sale. It requires quite a bit of customizing to adequately implement in app purchases securely using this method. I keep it around for the occasional person who would like to contract me out to assist with it. My site isn't completely functional yet, but you can see testimonials from other users here: https://h1k3.tech/testimonials/ if you wanted to see some.

    Paypal by default secures itself very nicely. ALL of their processing code is performed on their own servers. The general flow is

    1: Create a buy button in your Paypal account. It shows you button code when you complete this step(This puts a layer between your Paypal, the developer, and user)

    2: Add the button code to your app(My plugin just streamlined this, doesn't actually access your paypal account)

    3: Create a database on your own server to save player information and purchase information.

    4: Create an IPN callback file. When step 2 is complete, Paypal handles the transaction and then sends the results to the IPN file. So it will return whether the transaction was cancelled, or it will contain information on the transaction. If I recall it contains a success code, number of items purchased, and any other information that you might have requested that it pass along. If I recall it also returns a hashed string that you can then send to Paypal to verify the information that was just sent to the IPN file(This step will help prevent fraudulent transactions).

    5: Place code in the IPN file to verify the transaction on paypals server and then save the transaction to the user database on your server.

    It's quite the process, but it sort of needs to be in order to be secure for both you and the user.

    I do have a few plugins for sale on the Scirra store, although not much at the moment. I also implemented In App purchases on Facebook for someone. You can check it out https://apps.facebook.com/wild_bunch/?f ... ppcenter=1 It's quite the addictive little game.

    Hope that answers some questions and Happy coding,


    BUY Now Paypal Button Intro:

    https://developer.paypal.com/docs/class ... ow_step_1/

    IPN Example


    h1k3 I don't see the plugin to buy it...

  • these plugin cannot be used anymore, link outdate Kyatric

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