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  • That's what I'm doing by splitting the return into parts, the canvas is returning right, the canvastiff variable apparently also before generating any results, but when I associate the function associating the datatourl parameter within the canvas url variable and targeting the canvas of the your plugin there is undefined ... I tried different ways and the same result. I think about making a comparison if the return is undefined to return and put the value below, I saw this work in another plugin developed by a third party (I thought about it today, but haven't tested it). Anyway, I appreciate it R0J0hound.

  • Does this plugin exist for construct 3? Because the canvas that comes with construct 3 does not have the same functions.

  • JaviApps

    There is no update for this plugin for c3. This plugin probably should be retired. It works best with the non webgl renderer. It was made to somewhat work with webgl but is a performance hog.

  • I need to work with base 64 code. But I don't see that I can easily get it in build 3. Instead this c2 plugin allowed me to get base 64 from each image.

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  • Great Canvas! I've tested Canvas with Webcam and that's work's but I would like to have the position X,Y of a RGB color grab in Webcam...

    So I can track for example a red ball in the hand or a white light point on a black background...

    Where I can found the script?


  • Hi! I was wondering if you could update your plugin, the "filler" glitch when he needs to fill an empty space (alpha = 0)

  • Hello R0J0hound!

    can you please update this plugin?!

    So that all canvas actions have Construct 3 ?!

    I did not see action like add Polygon in it, And other actions!


  • Hi,

    I’m not updating this plugin anymore. It’s strictly C2 but the built in C3 canvas plugin may be useful.

  • Hi,

    I’m not updating this plugin anymore. It’s strictly C2 but the built-in C3 canvas plugin may be useful.


    It got really bad, again, thank you ...

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