ID3 Tags and XAudio

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  • Working on an audio based game, I want to use the ID3 tags to modify some things.

    The trouble is, when I set a file for the ID3 to use, before the action to play the mp3...the music won't play but the tags will work. If I put the Xaudio action first, it plays, but the tags no longer work.

    Pretty simple .cap file, should explain things further itself.

  • A bit of a workaround, but it's functional. Set your ID3 tags first, then set it to another file before playing the original file. You have to set it to a real file though, I tried just setting ID3 to "" and would get a crash every time you change songs.

  • just a hunch, add two xaudio2's and try loading the same file for each and doing the separate actions on a separate object, it might work.

  • I think you misunderstood the problem I was having. The ID3 object and the XAudio object don't like sharing apparently. My work around was to use the ID3 first and set it to an arbitrary file after use, so the XAudio could use the same audio file off the computer. The crash I mentioned came from trying to set ID3 to a nonexistent file.

    If I'm wrong, can you explain your reasoning some more?

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  • oh im sorry my mistake, i thought ID3 tag reading was part of Xaudio2, i had no idea there was an object on its own. disregard my previous post, my theory was mistaken.

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