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  • For some reason, when I see people use construct they have their events squishy.

    <img src="">

    Please resize it bigger. It will increase the quality of your life.

    <img src="">


  • But what do I do when my actions are longer than the screen?

    Also, Pro tip 2- Get a wide screen monitor!

  • I actually prefer it squishy.

  • ...Get a wide screen monitor!

    Some of us are poor

  • Ha! There should be a new pro-tip posted everyday! Think of the quality of life of every person in the community improved day by day!

  • I like to auto-hide the Property sheet, as it gives a much greater area to the event editor.

  • Faux-pro tip: Get a 1920x1080 monitor.

  • if i know I'm going to be working on the event sheet for a while, I just close the property pane, and the layer/animation pane

  • This could be a good feature for C2, auto hidding panels and stretching events

  • : the width of this forum cuts off that image, and actually gives a pretty good idea of how much room is left for actions on some monitors! We're not all on HD

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  • That's a problem I was trying to improve in my c2 interface proposal. If it was possible to pan an zoom the events' window with middle mouse button and scroll wheel, the events could be more readable in a single line and construct could have a faster workflow. That would be one of the biggest benefits of using an openGL drawn interface like blender's.

    I have a quick mockup based on some studies I made on the event editor.

    <img src="">

    full image:

    I used a mockup of another window as the base so the side panels and some menus don't necessarily have relevant content for the event editor, but is possible to have an idea of some of the features that could help improve the general usability, like color marked events, quick event/condition/expression toggle, cleaner look, visual clues for "add conditions/...", etc.

    Imagine those big eventsheets where you could zoom out to see the whole thing and easily identify the blocks of code by color, then move to the desired place and zoom in again, but just the amount that's enough to fit the area that you want to work on while still having a good redability. Combining this with acessible pan functions, the screen size would not be a problem anymore.

    With the release of construct classic by members of the community maybe I can still propose some improvements that still apply to the old interface.

  • With C2 you can hold ctrl and use the mousewheel to zoom in and out of the event sheet.

  • That is a gorgeous looking event sheet style Animmaniac.

  • What I mainly like about your design Animmaniac, is the visual grouping of event sheets by background color. It would make hunting code blocks on large sheets a lot easier (without wasting vertical space like notes do). I also like that the events have no vertical space between them and that the top corner of the first sub-event in a level isn't rounded off; it saves vertical real-estate and makes references which sub-level a event is at much easier.

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