Shinobi G.E.N.G.O (Alpha)

  • Welcome to Shinobi G.E.N.G.O

    Join me as I create the game of my dreams. Inspired by an old Byond game called Naruto GOA and a more recent game, Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I've neglected to keep a proper update log so far, but I decided since the game is growing in complexity, now is a good time to start keeping track of my work.

    Let's start with the basics. In the current version of GENGO you have the ability to run, attack, defend, charge chakra, throw 5 different types of projectiles, and use 27 unique jutsu. All of this revolves around a targeting system. Target a player, or a tree, or a stump, or any object you would think to target, and your character will lock on.

    Combat System

    Ninjas have Health, Wounds, Chakra and Chakra Reserves

    Health is your physical stamina and ability to keep fighting. When you take damage from jutsu, weapons, or melee attacks, you lose health. When your health reaches 0, you will be KO'd and incur wounds.

    Wounds are the type of damage accumulated over the course of a battle that are not easily recovered from. These start at 0% and are increased when you take damage from projectile weapons or certain elements, such as fire. When you reach 100% wounds, you will no longer regenerate chakra or health. If you are KO'd with 100% wounds or more, you will die.

    Chakra is the energy you use to perform jutsu and walk on water. Chakra will automatically regenerate. As long as your Chakra is full, your Health will automatically regenerate.

    Chakra Reserves are a ninja's inner core of chakra. These reserves can be used to rapidly charge chakra. Reserves cannot be regerated automatically like normal chakra, and must be restored by resting in a bed.

    Elemental Interactions

    GENGO has a robust elemental interaction system. Trees caught in your fire jutsu will catch on fire, and if left unattented, burst into flames themselves. These systems are yours to play with and combine and experiment with. GENGO rewards players who think outside the box. Strategic players will be very powerful. Wood is flammable. Metal conducts electricity. Wind fans flames and increases their intensity. There are many other interactions you will find as you explore the systems.

    • Controls

      A - Attack

      S - Skill

      D - Defend

      F - Weapon

      G - Chakra Charge

      Z - Activate (Replacement, Explosive )

      U - Untarget

      Double Click - Target

      T - Target Nearest Player

      Space - Toggle Skill Type

      0-9 - Top Row Macro Skill Select

      0-9 - Toggle Top Row/Bottom Row

      Mouse Wheel - Zoom In/Out

      Space/Shift may be used to alter the function of other controls

      Space + A - Heavy Attack

      Space + S - Special/Alternate Version of Skill (If available. Currently only available for Teleport)

      Space + D - (planned)

      Space + F - Toggle Weapon

      Space + G - (planned)

      Space + Z - (planned)

      Space + U - Destroy Clones

    Now that we're caught up I'll be keeping a more in-depth record of GENGO as it develops. Stay tuned :)

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