[ MITSU FIESTA - AWESOME BUNDLE! ] Hosting a cheap bundle to celebrate the launch of my new plugins

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40 Seamless textures for tile backgrounds. High resolution 1024x1024!
  • The Mitsu Fiesta bundle is here! Four great plugins/templates packed together in a super-duper convenient bundle!

    What is PROCSS ?

    PROCSS is a minimal theme for tha game making software "Construct 3", studied and built for both professional & new entries in the game developement enviroment.

    Why should i use it?

    - It's a dark theme, better for your eyes and your oled/amoled laptops battery

    - Most of the bloatware has been removed

    - It's minimal, more screen estate for you and less space wasted

    - Color coding on the most important elements, improve first glance readibility

    - Professional look, no more rainbow toy like gui!

    What is 3DJS ?

    It's a runtime extension coming handy in template format ( .c3p ), easy to setup and easy to use! All you need is your standard 2d game logic and a couples of variables setup for your sprites to achieve this beautiful 3D aesthetic. It is also comparable to the Sega Saturn type of 3D, sharing almost all the pros coming with it but just only a few of the cons!

    Why should i use it?

    Have you ever wanted to add some 3D elements to your construct 3 game?

    Now you can! I started this project for myself but quickly found out that the possibilities with it were too big not to share this amazing extension with everyone! It is best suitable for 2d sidescrollers platform games, top down games, and doom like games

    What is the Weblock Suite ?

    Weblock Suite is a simple and elegant solution to keep your web games safe and secure from the malicious people who steal and re-upload games for a profit.

    Why should i use it?

    These days more & more shady and illegal web games portals are growing stronger and bigger than ever before by stealing the games made with effort and hard work from developers sharing their web-games online; they steal the game, re-upload it on their own portal and run their ads on it, effectively stealing the game itself and the ad revenue from the developers working hard on those games. The Weblock Suite is here to help you preventing this to happen to your games with a collection of 3 simple to use and fast to setup plugins. It provides you with the tools necessary to allow locally only the websites you want, or by remotely providing a list of banned websites. Everything is studied to fly under the radar of potential digital-thieves, starting from randomized behavior to obfuscated code engineered to grant you a great level of security.

    what is language.translate?

    language.translate is a simple and elegant solution to help you automatize the translation of strings and text inside your game given a JSON file as source.

    why should i use it?

    It's really simple to use and super quick to implement even on a complex project; it offers native support for 20 different language codes ( en, fr, it, es, es-419, de, pt, pt-br, hu, ro, pl, bg, ru, nl, cs, no, sv, da, ar, tr ) and infinite customizable extra language codes. With this plugin translations are as easy as calling the language.translate(" ") expression, and as a bonus if you have a lot of static text do not worry, because language.translate offer autotranslation from the JSON source to any text or spritefont object! Both "language : string" and "string : language" JSON format are supported, just select your preferred one in the plugin settings!

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  • Your bundle is 10$ more expensive than the individual things it contains

  • The bundle is permanent, the discounts are not x)

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