Security with embed HTML5 game and Netlify

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  • Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who can help clear up this issue. This one of the last roadblocks for completing my project.

    I completed my game, exported to HTML5, and uploaded to Netlify. It spat out one of their random names, let's say The game runs great!

    However, my goal is to embed this game into my Wix website but have it on a specific page that is only accessed by paid members. I'm seeing that there are ways to domain lock your game, but not sure how that works if my game is embed.

    If I domain lock it to my website:, will that fail because the actual hosted domain is the wonkydonkey.netlify?

    And if I domain lock it to, does that mean everyone can just bypass my website and play for free simply by going to

    Related to that, if I embed a page into Wix, can someone even discover that netlify page by viewing page source or something, or is it hidden?

    If this above method is a dead-end, I'm not sure how else to achieve my goal and am certainly open to ideas.

    Thanks so much!

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