How do I position an object at a tile that the mouse is hovering over?

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  • I am currently attempting to make an aiming system with the mouse that is restricted to the tilemap grid. My goal is to position an object on the tile that the mouse is over, but I can't seem to figure out how to find that tile. I've looked at other posts with similar questions, and saw things like SnapX(x) or PositionToTile(X)x, but I'm not sure how and where to use them. If you could help or have any ideas, that would be appreiciated.

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  • Assuming you have the mouse plugin added.

    mouse.x, mouse.y give actual position.

    Which isn't what you are asking for, but it would be smooth.


    every tick

    set the sprite to position



    It'll be choppy movement, but I believe that's what you're wanting.

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