How do I make my objects reappear?

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  • I have RBCs moving from the bottom to top in my background in all my layouts but when the back button is pressed in my other layouts to return to the start layout, the RBCs stop appearing. The first and last picture are code in my start layout and the second picture is a code from another layout.

    The RBCs that are created by the 'on start of layout' code appear but the RBCs that are created at specific intervals are the ones that are disappearing.


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  • I'm just here to put my two cents in.

    Sometimes problems can arise from overlooked object settings.

    • Have you checked that RBC is initially visible?
    • I see that RBC speed is set by Bg_speed. Are you sure that Bg_speed is not 0?
    • Are the RBC's being destroyed outside of the layout (or something), because if Total_RBC has a value over 100 then they don't spawn

    Also, keep in mind I don't really know everything, (partly because I don't have the project to mess around with, but if you don't choose to share it that's also fine) and I am trying to make the best out of what I have.

    What I also suggest is adding the browser object to your project, then inserting an alert between your actions so you can see exactly if things are running or not. It will help you a lot with overall debugging.

  • The bg_speeds default value is 250 and the RBCs are destroyed outside the layout. The RBCs are also set to initially visible

  • So I managed to solve it! I removed the destroy outside layout behavior for the RBCs and destroyed them at y < -10 and I added restart layout to when the button is pressed.

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