Issue finishing game on C3 after started in C2 (looking for help)

  • Hey everyone, I'm a very amateur developer trying to finish a game I have started creating on C2. I recently subscribed to C3 paid plan to be able build .apk files easily, since this was always a pain to me.

    The issue is the general "flow" of some levels of the game, and some bugs are also happening with the gameplay in the .apk build on C3... I used to build using cocoon or phonegap cloud and the files ran smoothly, even with all the mistaked I have, like having too large loaded levels....

    I am looking for help from someone who is really willing to shed some light into this project and help me have a better route to publish this... This is a very simple game and any improvements will be appreaciated!

    The general stuff I need help with is:

    - fix the "long" layouts from lagging in the .apk (it runs fine on preview mode)

    - make objects and characters appear at random

    - surf level that gets harder with time

    - implement admob and facebook score sharing

    Please write me if you are willing to help me finalize this to be a complete playable game, it is for a specific public and it will get some attention, I would be please to send a gift card for the person who can give it some attention.

    My email:

    link to file: Dont mind the graffics and nonsenseness

    your kindness will bring you good karma :)


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