HTML export have sprites stretching & jumping on iphone X

  • My latest game is exported for HTML and uses upscaling for sprites, with sampling set to 'nearest' so pixels stay sharp.

    This is what the animated sprites look like on desktop and android:

    On iOS safari however the sprites start stretching and get cropped

    I can provide link/ file if needed, project is almost completed so I would prefer not to have it public right now. I am assuming it has something to do with pixel sampling/ upscaling but have searched the forums for a solution but haven't found anything iOS specific

    UPDATE: We have figured out that it is specific to the newer iphone X series and if we have scale outer on in the project settings the positions jump around

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  • If anyone else comes across this issue of stretching sprites - it was due to scaling up.

    Funny thing is though if don't add a scale but specify height & width the stretching stops.

    Fullscreen: Scale Outer still produces the error of them jumping around rather than being smooth animation

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