How do I force player movement on a cog?

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  • I wonder if anyone has advice on how to make this more consistent.

    The goal is to force the player forward when standing on the turning cog. I've a tried a few methods, but none have worked 100%.

    I imagine the combination of 'overlap at offset' and a constantly changing shape make this approach the wrong one.(for example, when standing on a spoke and left of the wheel — see attached picture)

    Any direction would be helpful, thanks!

  • Try:

    + Char: Is overlapping Spoke at offset (-1, 0)
    + OR Char: Is overlapping Spoke at offset (0, 1)
    -> Char: Set Platform vector X to 60
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  • Hey, thanks amigo — that helped me realize this problem is probably because of the Platform behaviour not being able to climb inclines. (attached photo shows the character stalled because of the incline)

    I did a more comprehensive overlap test, and no matter how many overlaps it checks, the character won't move forward until the cog is below a certain angle.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Orbit behaviour? I thought that could be useful here, but I've not had any luck with it.

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