Creating APK with Cordova CLI (cordova project)

  • > And am I the first to encounter with this error (Build failed. Blabla maximum upload time faild. Or like this)?


    its probably your upload/download speed being interrupted during loading. or some browser issue. however large files trough a browser/server hosted application is always going to create issues when handled, unless you have a very fast and stable connection to it.

    but maybe this is not the case personally didn't encountered such a error since my projects never exceed 50 mb.

    I understand, thank you for your answers. I hope You will succeed in your projects. In the meantime, do you have any answers to the Cordova CLI question? Ashley

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  • I solved the issues and I will share a tutorial. I recently had problems with the Cordova CLI, and I solved them. You can turn this topic off, dear scirra admins. How can I perform a tutorial sharing?

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