How do I create a backend control for a frontend multiplayer game?

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  • Hello,

    I want to create a drawing game for two people that is played on tablets But, the game needs to receive commands from an "admin" running on the server side. The "admin"/server side is controlled by a person who can press buttons that can actively tell the player's tablet side what images to draw, save coordinates to the local drive, communicate with comports, and manage turns by someone, etc.

    I am very new do backend development and am wondering how I could create this level of server control using Construct 3. I've seen various multiplayer tutorials but have not seen anything with creating a server side that lets an admin control the front end game.

    How would I implement this is Construct 3? Would I create two projects (one on the client side, the other server side) and somehow connect these two games when they're running on a local server? If so, how would I implement this and what objects/features would be needed?

    Your advice insight is much appreciated!

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