Weird thing happening within my game?

  • Um, im not sure if this has anything to do with the update, however im experiencing an issue that I have not seemed to have until these recent changes and updates with construct. Sometimes during gameplay, if my player shoots the enemy, the bullets goes straight through and keeps going through even after shooting it multiple times. Then if I kill another enemy and shoot back at the one that I was trying to kill to begin with, the bullets finally kills the enemy. It's weird and it's keeps happening like every time I preview my game and this hasn't been going on before or any of the weeks before this. Files continuously keeps getting deleted, luckily I save my work on both the storage and dropbox as well. And when I tried to revert back to the older updates to test out if this is the potential cause, it wouldn't let me open. So I don't really know what's going on, and I haven't really change much of my events to cause this, but im not sure why this is happening.


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  • Hmm, nevermind folks. I've seem to fix the issue due to a certain event in my project. I was trying to count the bullets when hitting upon the enemy for a certain action to happen. I forgot all about it and I believe that cause the bullets to sometimes go through the enemy.

    Also, I like this new update. I no longer have to worry about my project getting deleted because now theres only two ways to upload you project and thats by either cloud/dropbox or by file.

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