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  • I'm just curious why do full Flash games run perfectly fine in browsers, but I keep reading in this forum that it's not possible to make full games with SVG and that SVG is only good for splash screens and logos? If Adobe can do it, why not C3?

  • There is no such thing as a svg game on computer. Everything you see has to be rasterised(turned into a bitmap) at some point.

    The process of doing that is relatively slow, and as far as I know is done in cpu rather than gpu.

    So basically, yes it is possible to use svg, but not if you want hardware acceleration.

  • Ok, so in a Flash game vectors are rasterized before they are displayed. I think that is what you are saying. And you are saying it's a slow process. Why have a SVG plugin for C3 then? Is it faster to scale and rasterize a vector image than to display a high resolution raster image?

    I've played full and complexed Flash games that are not slow, so what does Adobe do to make that work and why can't anyone else? I appreciate you taking the time to answer my silly questions.

  • It takes about a tick for the cpu to talk to the gpu. If you do that every frame it will decrease the frame rate at least by half. If there is any animation it will further decrease it.

    That's what happens in Flash, and that's what happens in Html5 Canvas.

    If you optimise the process well enough you should at least expect rates of about thirty fps which is playable, but again its very optimised in the runtime, game code, and assets.

    Even then you are very limited in what you can do, like a few hundred things on screen vs a few thousand.

  • Construct's SVG Picture object is intended for basic uses of displaying an SVG file. You can't do things like set a collision polygon or animate it yet, which is why the release notes suggested it's mostly useful for logos and splash screens at the moment. Meanwhile you can import SVGs to the animations editor where they are rasterized so you can still use them in sprites that way, but they are stored as a bitmap rather than vector.

    newt - these days SVG is GPU-accelerated. I'm afraid the things you've mentioned about the framerate are not correct.

  • these days SVG is GPU-accelerated. I'm afraid the things you've mentioned about the framerate are not correct.

    I have seen a few implementations for WebGl using Svg, but I wasn't sure if they had gotten to the point of actually using the gpu. I figured it wasn't just svg, but a conversion.

  • Thanks for all the info.

    Ashley, do you plan to add full support for vector images, like the collision polygon you mentioned? You said we can't do it yet, which gives me hope.

  • Ashley must be busy. I guess we'll just have to wait and see... But to me, it's starting to feel like C3 is becoming a Flash successor in more ways than just games. We now have timelines and the SVG Picture Object. Can't wait to see where all this goes.

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  • It's not currently planned. If you want to make suggestions beyond what is already supported our feature suggestion platform is here:

  • Ashley I think that full svg support is a very important feature. HTML games, mobile games and Facebook Instant games need to stay low on file size and SVG is the way to go. Currently we need a better performance when rasterizing SVG as it seems there is a delay when changing image on an SVG object. Any solutions or suggestion for that?

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