Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • - You're right he told me there was an issue with iOS. Your report is more specific though. Can you please test something for me? If not we will be able to test this on our end tomorrow.

    Backup your current scml plugin, or redownload after the test, as this version is just for this test and not suitable for normal use.



    Basically just, the text should say "none" because there's no initialization event. After that, touch or click anywhere to see if "none" changes to 1 (subsequent taps should increment the number). This will help me see if the issue is with the event trigger or the XMLHttpRequest. I suspect it's the latter, but this will confirm it.

  • lucid Will do immediately.

  • Here are the results lucid.

    Web Preview

    It has a normal behavior, in a glance it showed None then automatically showed 1. Then after each touch, it increments 1, 2, etc.

    The Spriter Character shows successfully.

    iOS Export

    It shows None then after clicking it shows an incremented number per touch, 1, 2, etc.

    The Spriter Character doesn't show successfully.

  • Thank you for taking the time.

    It seems the XMLHttpRequest is never triggering onreadystatechange. I'll have to look into this further.

  • Thanks.

  • lucid - in Cordova apps generally any XMLHttpRequest/fetch to local files fails due to (unnecessarily applied) security restrictions. You have to route requests through the runtime, where it handles all the necessary workarounds. In the C3 runtime you can just do everything with AssetManager and it handles this for you transparently.

  • Ashley - thanks for the info. Do you know of any workarounds for the C2 runtime I can look into to use in the meantime? Can I route it through the runtime somehow in C2 as well?

  • There's fetchLocalFileViaCordovaAsText(filename, onSuccess, onError) and fetchLocalFileViaCordovaAsArrayBuffer(filename, onSuccess, onError) which IIRC are pretty much equivalents (although the latter returning an ArrayBuffer instead of Blob). Those also only work in Cordova mode so you have to route the requests to those methods yourself in Cordova mode. In the C3 runtime AssetManager simplifies it since you can just always use it in all modes.

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  • Excellent. Thanks for the help.

  • Is this issue on C2 as well? Because I tried my old spriter projects now on my iOS devices with the latest iOS installed and all spriter objects seem to be working fine. Or is this issue just for cordova builds?

  • Anonnymitet, it seems like it's Cordova specific. Thanks for the info.

  • Ok I see, will the fix be implemented in the C2 plugin as well and is there any eta for it?

    Thanks for looking into it :)

  • It should hopefully be soon. And yes will update the C2 plugin with the same fix as well.

  • Anonnymitet and we're currently having apple developer account and update woes on our end. If either of you wants to test this version to help this get out sooner, please let me know if it fixes anything.

    The cap will no longer respond to the clicks/taps, but it will just hopefully switch from "none" to 1, or more hopefully, actually show the animation:

    capx (same as before if you still have the previously downloaded one)


  • lucid Will do immediately. Thanks.

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