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  • Hello everyone,

    I’m using construct 3 premium version to create a role play game:

    is all set in a single layout, but in a single layout i have to upload like 150 mini-videos (2 mb each videos) and 300 Sprite.

    If you make a choice, a video will play; if you make another choice, another video will play, and so on.

    Before starting this porject, I have to find answers to some questions:

    1. I have to use the “video” plug-in to create the role play game.

    But, as write before, I have to use it several times, uploading 150 videos that weight eachone 2 mb in a single project.

    Is it possible to upload that amount of mb using the browser version of construct 3?

    I mean, I have unlimited space that I can use to upload videos in my local project?

    If no, is there any other option that I could use (don’t know if there is a desktop version of construct for exemple)?

    2. The premium version of construct 3 allow me to use like 700 events or more?

    3. Is possible to upload a game like this on scirra arcade and share it with a large amount of people (even 50/60 people play it at the same time – not multiplayer, but single player)?

    4. Least but not last, the most important question. Is possibile to create a story driven game with a lot of video-scenarios (like 150 different scenarios) using Construct?

    I mean, construct was created even for games like this one?

    Thank you!!!

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