• I have been trying to get my game to work on android and so on, but google always sends this error:

    StrictMode policy violation: android.os.strictmode.NonSdkApiUsedViolation: Landroid/view/textclassifier/logging/SmartSelectionEventTracker$SelectionEvent;->selectionAction(III)Landroid/view/textclassifier/logging/SmartSelectionEventTracker$SelectionEvent;

    And I have no glue what to do. I have taken my project inside android studio and tired to fix it there, and I'm just completely lost with this. idk what to do. There is some error about my SDK being 1 instead on 19 on android studio, when I fix that it forks there but google play still complains. Need Help ;_;

  • This is the forum for Construct's Addon SDK and it's not clear you're actually using that. Are you just trying to publish a Construct project?

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  • just trying to publish a Construct project but it keeps complaining about some type of nonSDK violation. I'm really sorry if i put my post in a wrong place.

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