Is multiplayer still supported?

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  • I'm really wondering if the signalling server and the current multiplayer features are still supported with construct 3.

    And if the solid option will finaly be independent for objects. Not global.

  • I think so

  • Yes

  • This would be great to have official clarification on.

  • I'd love for the multiplayer system to improve, not just remain, in Construct 3.

  • Me too, but i'm kinda worried because ashley was disapointed because there aren't a lot devs using it.

  • Me too, but i'm kinda worried because ashley was disapointed because there aren't a lot devs using it.

    I'm pretty sure it will still be supported. There is not much overhead to support it. Multiplayer plugin is straight forward but a few points makes it difficult for Construct 2 developers to dive into. Multiplayer function is built under WebRTC.

    1. WebRTC is not yet supported by most browsers

    2. Difficulty of exporting WebRTC to mobile via Cordova, IntelXDK or CocoonIO

    3. Steep learning curve, on client and server management, local network and online multiplayer

    As of the moment, i created my own plugin to do web socket and ajax polling (fallback) in creating multiplayer games. This is my crudely made online multiplayer game using websocket, polling(fallback)

  • Ok this is something which is really making me frustrated these days.

    I really hope that this functionality will be improved in c2 and also implemented in c3.

    For example in c2 multiplayer plugin i would really like to see new action called "Set host IP and port".

    And would like devs to modify signaling server, so that when it is unable to provide connectivity to host / peer via STUN and TURN servers, so to issue directive to client that he should connect over IP and PORT which host provided in lobby before creating game.

    I think that it would enable us to achieve 98,8% peer to host connectivity rate.

    Of course host would have to make little adjustments on his router (port-forwarding maybe). But its a fix... (Hope that this is a possibility, because c2 is using WebRTC). Currently i'm in a situation to have a game which works in lan, but fails to establish peer to host connections over internet due to signalling server flaws.

    Also would be nice to see Socket IO official plugin, maybe even server implementation provided by Scirra. But at least Socket IO compatible plugin that would allow users to code up their own servers and enjoy the benefits of WebSockets as a centralized server possibility which would also allow us to achieve 100% host to client connectivity (even though socket io is not bare WebSocket implementation which i assume could be a challenge for Construct devs). And again yes, you would have to pay for hosting, but who cares its a QOS that matters, and i personally as a future software vendor would not like to leave my customers without ability to play against their friends online.

    That is something i would really, really like to see in c2 and ofc in c3.

    About current multiplayer i like for example how multiplayer objects are made and how syncing is done (though i haven't tested it on larger scale game so far).

  • rajke88 really on point!

    The multiplayer system as it is now is totally unusable. How can you expect players around the world to edit their routers just to have a minimal chance to connect to the host. Its a total ripoff, sorry. And i dont care about the excuses about the chaos of the internet Ashley or NAT/Firewall problems. Every other major game engine can do multiplayer fine, its a limitation of HTML5 or simple lazyness to implement something that actually works. You are even selling multiplayer templates on the Scirra store, ABSOLUTELY knowing that no one can get just a decent connectivity rate.

    Multiplayer works great in Unreal, Unity and many others, no connectivity issues.

  • How can you expect players around the world to edit their routers just to have a minimal chance to connect to the host.

    That is not necessary. Try reading the documentation. You can run TURN servers to improve connectivity.

  • Multiplayer works great in Unreal, Unity and many others, no connectivity issues.

    I wouldn't go quite that far. A friend and I have tested MP on Unity and while it does work, saying it has no issues is a huge overstatement.

  • Construct 3 runtime for Multiplayer is kinda buggy, my current issue are not resolved yet.

  • I think it's pretty bad to advertise Construct as being a viable toolkit for making both mobile games and multiplayer games, only to have a multiplayer plugin that often doesn't function on mobile networks due to NAT issues.

  • There is something very wrong with C3's development when such an important feature is left in the dust when it is still in desperate need of improvement

    I believe the half-baked nature of the multiplayer plugin is a reason not many people use it. Personally it is the only reason I chose Construct over other programs, but now that my game has become big, I've hit walls in the Multiplayer Plugin that Ashley will not/cannot fix. Sadly, I will have to give up on my game and C3 as a whole

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  • If you're concerned about the NAT issue, that's mostly an issue with the architecture of the Internet. The Multiplayer object is designed so that you can run games for free, without having to pay for hosting of relay servers and other infrastructure that major games typically deploy to work around these architectural issues. However this means you're left dealing with connectivity issues yourself. Connections work about 90% of the time across the open Internet. You can increase that to near universal connectivity with a TURN server, which is the kind of central relay server that you need to pay for; it's unavoidable and what all major multiplayer games use. We went with a design that meant you could get started for free, rather than requiring you to have to pay for servers to run your games. To facilitate that we have also been running a free signalling server for years to help broker the peer-to-peer connections.

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