Microsoft Edge Ingnoring Editor Font Settings

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  • I sure this is not a C3 bug and just needs a something in Edge or the C3 Editor to be reset, but I cannot identify nor understand what when wrong to cause this problem. I already have a visual impairment that cause me to miss text base spelling and syntax mistakes, so having a tiny font does not help to have the font stuck on a tiny size font barely readable while I am working my project.

    I think while using MS Edge with the Construct 3 r236 version, there was some type of crash that cause the C3 Editor to change the Editors settings and/or Zoom level effecting the fonts or Zoom which Editor bars font size. I seem to recall a message that popped up saying something like, the Zoom level has changed restart to reset to normal. I was more concerned with loosing any changes that were not saved than fixing the zoom and font size at that moment, so saved the project to a file and reset after I confirm a copy was saved. Then I did restart.

    Since then, I have tried restart, clear cache and cookies several times without any change to the Editor dialog box resetting and using the Font size I select. Using C3 in Google Chrome does respond to Font changes as shown in the attached image. I not sure if Edge has a settings feature toggle that got corrupted, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    MS Edge vs Google Chrome Editor comparison.

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