Interactive Websites built with C3?

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  • You can also use CSS Grid to create a responsive website. Aarthi Elumalai has a very good CSS grid course on Udemy.

    In my opinion, C3 is an excellent game development tool but not suitable for creating websites.

  • Heh, I got curious now, it's actually 32mb that it downloads, the biggest files are the spritesheets and music. Not exactly unusual, that's what you get with multiple 2048x2048 pngs.

    Just constructs own compression (or saving in Photoshop) shaves off 0.5Mb from the largest spritesheet at no quality loss. If you take some quality loss and save it with 256 colors + dither you get it down to ~1Mb (or just 500kb without dither but it does start to look off)

    I guess ideally you'd want the site to load faster, I tried to open it on my phone with a "meh" connection and it took long enough for me to get bored and close it. I suppose you could add a loading layout to spice it a little up rather than just the loading bar on a black background.

    480Mbps is unreasonably expensive around here, you usually don't even get offered that speed unless you are a company. And in fact depends on the area, in rural areas with no fiber you don't get these speeds even if you were willing to pay for it. Where I live you pay for 40Mbps and you end up getting 10Mbps :V

    Back to topic, making websites with Construct. Interactive websites like notiongames, yes. Non-interactive standard websites, no.

  • I thought 400 Mbps was average in most states. During non-peak hours I get around 800 Mbps. That's actually what I'm paying for. I didn't think that was too crazy because Google Fiber gets something like 2 Gigs. Far faster than what I have.

    If 50Mbps is the average, I'm going to have to rethink this. I remember in the late 90s we had to slice up images and stitch them together using tables, because smaller images loaded faster back then. I thought we were far past those days of having to worry about website download speeds.

  • I thought we were far past those days of having to worry about website download speeds.

    I don't think my 50Mbps connection speed is the reason. Like I said, most websites are loaded pretty much instantly and I can watch 4K videos on Youtube.

    But that did take several minutes to load. Maybe the network was congested or something.. I tried it now (in a new browser) and it loaded much faster - about 10 second displaying the standard construct progress bar, then another 10-15 seconds until the "ENTER WEBSITE" text appeared.

  • sounds like some of you are confusing the the bytes with bits ..... thats a factor 8 difference.

  • The average bandwith is roughly around 25Mbps. But that's differs a freaking lot by country and by mobile or fixed broadband. There are many countries in the 1-10Mbps range.

    Just google it, there are several global index rankings out there.

    I wouldn't recommend creating a website with Construct 3 if it's for professional purposes.

    Slow initial website loading speeds are the absolute top reason, why visitors leave your website. It's also a key factor on how you're ranked in search engines. And Construct 3 has tons of overhead to load before it starts displaying anything at all.

    There's also no way for traditional website or SEO.

    So if you simply want to have a fancy website, sure, why not. But if you are aiming for a competitive one, you shouldn't even consider it. ;)

  • If that's true and people are that impatient, then why would anyone make a game in HTML5? Most games take a lot longer to load than the NotionGames website.

  • When people play a browser game they expect and are use to wait a while until it's downloaded

    But with websites the expectation is that it loads instantly

  • Probably true, but I also think if people really wanted to visit a website, they'll also wait for it to load. It's not like the old days where random people stumble on your website. People spend most of their time on social media and find content from there. It's far more likely that if they visit your website, they know of you, they like your stuff, and want to see more from you.

    Maybe it's even a benefit to having a slow loading website? Impatience is a red flag. Impatient people are hard to please, and tend to be micromanagers. Maybe it'll save you a tone of stress and heartache in the long run?

  • Believe it or not, but anything above 1 second is already losing you a fair amount of visitors. More than 3 seconds, and bad numbers start to sky-rocket.

    Not according to me, but Google and other reliable sources/measurements.

    Trust me, your website visibility will suffer heavily.

    Not just because of speed, but due to the lack of search engines being able to read your content properly, and additionaly you not being able to adress SEO properly.

    These days search engines rate your website based on "Core Web Vitals", and that's not just Google. And the most important factors are content and speed.

    So as i've said.

    Making a website with construct might be easy and possible. But if you want to be found, and use it for actual marketing purposes, just don't. It's a game engine after all. You're far better of with any basic HTML website.

  • I'm kinda falling in love with the idea of a slow loading website weeding out all the impatient visitors. If 3 seconds is all it takes, then maybe I should make sure it loads in 4. If 4 seconds is too long for you, then you're probably not someone I'd enjoy working with anyway.

    I don't really care about SEO. My website is the first entry when you google it, but if you click on the link, all you'll get is a splash page with a simple animation on it. To get to the main content you'll need a direct link.

    How useful are search engines anyway? If you search "webgames," maybe your site is listed somewhere in the 3,200,000 results, but if people are too lazy to wait 1 second for a webpage to load, they probably aren't patient enough to search past the first few pages of results. They may never come across your website searching keywords.

  • I love how deranged this posting is getting lmao let'S goooo I'm rooting for you

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  • If you add a couple html pages with SEO related entries and content, and have a decent sitemap file, and add some bot restrictions and link redirections in a htaccess file, you can do just fine.

    Having a decent loader, indicating progress will retain most of the fickle users looking for something they potentially are looking for in your site.

    There is a whole range of specific users, google and several other larger search engines, which thrive on commerce, into getting that user to the product he or she wants to buy ASAP, .... so google might get some money through their advertising and referral systems.

    But in reality, if a user is looking for something they intent to find, like a game, and the site, however slow, is engaging and not letting the user in the dark (waiting without feedback) then the user is likely to wait patiently if things are not to excessive.

    Ofc, you have users wanting everything on the fly, and there is a big chance some of these users will complain after a second or two and leave.

    Gladly, these are also often users having spent good money on a decent internet connection (one of the reasons they tend to complain quicker about slow loads)

    And, as a fact on the internet, if your host is slow (offering the download), then even fast connections download slow. So having a good hosting package is a must if you use heavy loading sites.

    This all is assuming that you're counting on a search engine as the way to attract find new visitors.

    I would assume, that if your intentions are to get a larger visitors base, you would be actively spreading your links on a wide variety of pages and platforms.

  • I'm kinda falling in love with the idea of a slow loading website weeding out all the impatient visitors. If 3 seconds is all it takes, then maybe I should make sure it loads in 4. If 4 seconds is too long for you, then you're probably not someone I'd enjoy working with anyway.

    You don't seem to understand neither me nor search engines.

    It's not my personal opinion, it's about facts. You were curious what's bad about abusing a game making software to create websites. People here tried to explain you some of the disadvantages. A website is substantially different to a game. While websites try to avoid code evaluation as much as possible. C3 exports are mainly code driven. A barebones export of an empty C3 project comes with the c3 runtime framework, which is heavily unnecessary for "just" a website.

    According to Google (not me):

    Desktop results are similiar.

    Dont' forget we're talking about potential visitors. Not visitors who planned to visit your website in the first place. Google searches are highly personalized. Just because you found it doesn't mean others will ( unless google domain searches ).

    There are many more disadvantages as C3 is not designed to create websites. You're 10 times better off using Wordpress or other beginner website tools. Then create a C3 made showcase within the website.

    If you want C3 standalone, interactive "website" with initial load and SE visibility issues. Do it. I understand the appeal of interactive content. I made flash websites back in the days.

    I think i've stressed enough on how much it damages your website visibility.

    Use the given information to evaluate your decision based on your goals. Doesn't look like you were truly interested into answering your question eitherway.

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