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  • Are there any plans for a live-editor of any sort?

    I would love to manipulate certain things within the editor which comes closer to the rendering that i'm doing ingame. Such as manipulating the editor renderer for sorting, placing sprites by editor events, setting editor offsets for sprites. Nothing that actualy changes anything on the game side, just helping us on the map design part.

    What's also irritating is that Y works from top to bottom while any other engine i've seen so far were the opposite around. It's pretty annoying that if you find a good solution online that involves the Y coordinate... you've to change every single algorithm to fit Construct. Would be great to be able to change that too.

    Here are a few examples that would be amazing to have:

    - Objects within a container shall spawn visualy within the editor as well, just like it would on run-time. With the possibility to run certain events directy in-editor. Including offset events and so on. Colliders are a good example as i've seen several construct made engines placing ugly boxes all over the place yet you don't have visual feedback on how it will look like while actualy designing the map. So you're forced to go on run-time which makes pixel perfect map designing a chore.

    - If you run events to render images with certain offsets or with pinning them to other objects there's no actual feedback within the editor at all. It would be great if we could at least modify the editor rendering engine to code our own editor customizations using the given event system.

    A possible solution would be that we can define within the Event Editor

    "IF EDITOR" -> run editor specific events only and are not exported on run-time

    Which then offers a set of events that work within the editor such as offsets, containers and more.

    If anything of the things noted above are already possible, please let me know. I know that the SDK can interfere with the editor on some level, but i have no idea what's actualy possible and it would be great to have it directly implemented into Construct.

    How i'm currently trying to approach everything is:

    Place the actual graphics and then go backwards by placing colliders and so forth by events and or containers. But that's extremely limiting in a lot of cases and doesn't solve all problems.

    I haven't seen any major improvements on the editor part of Construct other than the Z axis addition. Would be great to see the editor getting some love too. <3

    Let me know what you think

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