Construct 3 says I exceed free trial limits, even though I don't.

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  • Hello. I wanted to post this for feedback on a problem I have sometimes on the Construct 3 editor. Sometimes, I try to make a new event. in this case, it says on the bottom that I still have 15 events remaining as the free trial limit. then when I try to make a new event, it says that I have no more events remaining and that my free trial limit has been passed. even though it clearly says I have 15 events remaining. after this I try to export the game to a web browser anyway, but then I can't because it says my free trial limits have been passed.

    I have had to stop working on games because of this problem and I wanted to reach out to see if people have had the same problem and if the Construct team might try to fix it. thanks for reading and I am hoping to see any reply to this soon!

  • There are other limits in the free edition other than the event limit. See the comparison table. If you exceed any of them, the project becomes read-only.

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  • Thanks for the reply. I looked through the list of limitations to the free version and I realized that I had 3 different objects with an effect on them. I deleted the effects and I was able to export it. It was just one of those game development face palm moments and I'm glad I was able to figure it out. in the mean time thanks for replying to the post.

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