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  • Hello everyone!

    This promblem is quite bothering me: for some reason my bar settings are never saved. Every time I am enabling Z-order bar and changing tilemap bar position, but then next day this settings are reset to default.

    I figured that c3 doesn't saves them in Local storage or in cookies or somewhere else, and I even found option for browser to persist storage(and it was in about c3 section, not in the settings for some reason), but it didn't help.

    I was asking around, and people said that they have similiar problem, but no one knows solution.

    Is this a bug, or Construct doesn't have this feature yet?

    P.S. Also, sometimes they are not just reset to default, but also/instead Bars width are set to like 10 pixels for no reason, and you have to adjust them again. But thats another bug, I guess.

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