Spirit Masters (now on Android)

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  • click here to view it in googleplay

    Browser version: click here to visit clay.io for the browser version

    About the game

    Use the powers of Magica to torch and extinguish out of control Spirits. As a spiritualist who has learned the ways of controlling Magica you have the ability to control dark and light magica. Touch the screen to slash, combo, and torch spirits running amok on your screen. Do you have what it takes to become the Spirit Master?


    Touch down on the screen to create a flow of Magica to torch spirits. In various modes your flow of magica alternates within time changing from Dark to Light every couple of seconds. Make sure to time which spirits to torch to gain a higher score. Watch for any buffs that appear on the screen. Expert modes allow you to freely change the flow of magica by pressing the two buttons at the bottom of your screen


    -Cross-Platform (Clay.io) compatibility: Play on your android phone, ios, blackberry, pc, and on your browser. Supported features using the Clay.io system allows you to compete against others on any platforms via online leaderboards viewed at the end of each game mode.

    -Friend-Board: Register for a clay.io account and add your Facebook friends or clay friends to view each others scores in game. Compete for a high score via Friend-Board which can be viewed at the end of each game mode

    -Achievements: Earn various achievements viewed in the main menu

    -Magica Shop: Use coins to purchase various buffs and achievements to use in a game mode.

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    <img src="http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/6812/friendboard.png" border="0">

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