Sight (Global Game Jam 2014)

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  • Days has past from the Global Game Jam 2014, and today I'll present to you the game I made there... Construct 2 is awesome so I've chose that software to make this game :D

    "Enter deep in a sea minimalist labyrinth, see as what you perceive. Help an aquatic creature using her perspective as your aid to save her eggs."


    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Please play this game on Google Chrome to avoid any problem. Oh and I recommend to play this game on a laptop/computer with a graphics driver. WebGL visual effects might not work on everyone but I hope it will work (if the visual looks too simple unlike from the screenshot, then sorry but still have fun)

    Choose any link to play this game:

    Gamejolt: Click it here!

    Newgrounds: Click it here!

    Thank you very much and enjoy


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  • lvl 3, if you rotate the screen, the count down timer bar increases back to max size.

    Sounds were nice, but ... that jumpy flashy effect is kinda weird.

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