Seafight Pirate game V 0.6

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  • -bugfixes

    -few upgrades of the ship is avaliable in ship yard

    -Now you start with brand new ship, you must buy crew and inventory before sea battle


    3 New Levels

    2 treasure chest

    -English version added

    -amount of damage depends on the distance


    Q-left side cannons

    w-front cannon

    E- right side cannon

    Up arrow- Full sail

    Down arrow Half- sail/stop

    1-cannonbals (damage ship)

    2-grapes (damage crew, when crew amount is low reload of cannons are longer)

    3-chain balls (damage sails, when sails ar damaged ship has low speed)


    -rescued sailor give 5 hp and 1 to crew

    -When crew is more than 24 and HP ship is lower than 10% crew slowly repair ship

    <img src="" border="0">


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  • I love naval battle games! Great job with the game so far, is the the in Polish language?


  • Thanks! yes is in the polish language but im working on english too.

    PS if you have tips what i can add to the game tell me:)

  • Delgado, this is a great game so far, probably one of my favorites. Keep up the great work! I have no improvement comments yet, as it's in an early stage of development, but keep us updated and I'll be happy to play and provide tips as time goes on!

  • Looking awesome :)

    Cannons would often fire down the front or back of the ship from there own broad side. Cannon balls would just go through the wood with a lot of force. This would result with a lot of cannons traveling through most of the ship rather than just broad to broad.

    Altertnativly you could have damage determine by the angle of the attack instead. The closer the cannon balls come in at 0 or 180 the greater the damage.

  • im looking for testers

  • Doesn't seem to be working for me. Clicking either flag just restarts the layout.

  • thehen you have right. I dont know why this happen but in C2preview all works normally!. Please try 4-6 times and he go to next layout

  • Now clicking the flags don't do anything at all?

  • thehen If not working You should Empty the cache and

    �Delete cookies and other site data and plugin and load game again

  • It's working! Great fun, good job.

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