"Sky is Falling" Adventure Platformer Shooter

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  • My Last project got put on hold because of a damn trojan getting into my computer, so all the assets are locked a way on an infected drive until I get the nerve to scan it and use them again ):

    So I started on a new concept in the time being, a side scrolling shooter/survival/adventure game.

    It will document the life of a girl who joins a militia after her home is bombed and invaded by another country. It's not going to be OVERLY shooty (even though the video makes it look like it will be), I'm going to limit ammo and make single enemies really deadly and hard to kill. Just nutting out the mechanics atm though and having fun with the art style.

    I was going to make this in construct classic, but C2 seems a lot more intuitive, so I reverted back to this.

    Tell me what you think!

    oops and sorry, I forgot to mention, the bullets will be invisible in the final game, looks much better when you cant see them)



    Pre Alpha Trailer


    Damn this C2 program is awesome.

  • there we go, updated the video to embed ^_^

  • I really like the fact you can shoot when you are hidden behind a box !

  • Thanks! I think all 2D shooters should have a cover system, makes more sense then jumping slow moving bullets. lol.

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  • [tube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqhOhN_JCzs[/tube]

    Pre Alpha Trailer

  • Awesome ideas and graphics.

  • Nicely done on the cover mechanic. Looking forward to more.

  • Thanks, it's just an image point moved when crouching and stationary, there's nocomplex locking mechanism like mass effect, but then, I always hated locking into cover, takes away player control.

    Glad people like the look of it! I'm hoping to make this quite a long game.

  • Awesome ideas and graphics.

    Thanks! This is another delayed project, but I'm glad people like the ideas :)

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