KonekoMon Tamagotchi Game Now On Android

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  • After 4-months of Q/A testing and an overhaul of our games UI, we've finally finished up creation of our new Tamagotchi game KonekoMon. Konekomon is currently available on Android with a possible future release for iOS.

    Link To The Game: play.google.com/store/apps/details


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    Website info: cryogenlab.com/konekomon

    About The Game:

    Konekomon is our take of a Tamagotchi game involving cats that can go through various phases of evolution depending upon their stats. Stats are earned by playing mini-games and feeding + caring for your cat. We've created various cats from pop-culture fan fiction and various meme worthy evolutions for players to evolve their pets into. The game can also be played offline without the need of internet access.

    Promo Codes:

    We're currently hosting a daily log-in event and giving away a promo code that will remove advertisements off the game + give players 100 CP to use within the game for various items.

    If your interested in a promo code do reply below and I will PM you one.

    You can redeem promo code by visiting googleplay > hamburger icon > your profile scroll down to redeem and enter promo code there.

    Note: This game was created by 2 developers as such please do expect some bugs here and there. Any feedback and bug reports is appreciated.


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