Kato's Legend (android,ios,pc)

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    Link to trailer:

    Currently the game needs quite alot of graphic enhancements and bug fixes however the game does run fine on android and ios devices using cocoonjs with music playing.

    Pc edition will contain different UI and hopefully I can submit it to scirra arcade

    Features of Demo:

    Boss fights


    Level Selection screen with local,

    Companion System allowing players to use there companions attacks

    Preview of the evolving, transformation system

    Full edition release will contain:

    -online scoreboards for each level

    -Normal mode, Hard Mode

    -Graphic enhancements and improvements

    -Over 20+ levels with scenary and ui changes from forestry, to snow mountains, to urban areas

    -Character switch system allowing players to use a bird or other animals to fight enemies airborn or under water

    • 4 to 5 boss fights

    Thanks to~

    nosoapradio.us for music and bgm needs

    Vicki Wenderlich for monkey sprites

    I will post more previews and a html5 preview once im done the changes to the demo

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