I'd Love Feedback! (Warning: Gore/Violence)

  • the pixels make the violence more acceptable and...more fun. it's like cartoon violence, the images make the content digestible.

    i second more death animations. you can also make 'splashes' when you step in places that still have leftover blood.

    i know, i'm a sick pixelpuppy...lol.

  • Looks really good. It works fine with a lot of blood particles running?

    Seems funny :P

    I'll upload a demo sometime and people can tell me how lower end PC's run it. THis is a PC only game.

  • Bunnies...

  • Bunnies...


  • Expecting that the enemies will also be attacking in your game. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • A real Violent Game !!!!!

  • Expecting that the enemies will also be attacking in your game. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Yep these guys are gonna shoot at you occaisionally, or try to swamp you.

  • A real Violent Game !!!!!

    Yes I plan on making the violence justified through the story. I plan on the overall feeling to be visceral but also emotionally extreme.

  • It looks really good.

    The pixel violence appeals to me.

    thanks. I am a little concerned the game will glorify violence, but I hope the story will compensate for that.

    I also hope the pixel violence will make it seem less affecting in terms of the players "enjoyment" so they enjoy the catharsis, but also feel a little bit unsettled.

  • I would say.

    Drop the idea of a "deep" story, and just go for the violence.


    Because your really good at it!

    If you keep going over the top with this: The game becomes know for it!

    Thats a good thing ;-)

    The way the female character moves reminds me of the old kungfu movies where the actors where running "mid battle" through the bamboo forest "Ninja Style".

    Throw in some paralaxing bambo trees in the front and back, and u'l see exactly what im talking about.

    What i see when i look at what u have build here, is killbill action.

    No need to tell to much about why the main character needs to splice everyone, as long as the mega boss in the end of the game spills his guts onto the floor, while his henchmen have all filled the room with a nice red smudgy color.

    Oh, and for sound and vibe, just check

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    and skip to 5:35

    When your done with the game.

    Please notify me.

    I want to play :-)

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  • The story will be succinct, don't worry. I can't make a mindlessly violent game without some kind of artistic justification. Just my thought on gaming in general actually.

    Anyway added some screenshots with scenery now!

  • I put a link up to a pre-alpha build, I need feedback on performance, some people are telling me its super stuttery ):

  • Runs smooth over here.

    Chrome on a dual core 64bit

    4 gigs mem

    1 gig videocard mem

    Wouldn't hurt to give a player health bar and a bit more life.

    Just a thought.

  • updated OP with a music track from the game.

  • The game seems to run just fine on my laptop. Though, I think my laptop may be kind of powerful as well.

    Windows 7 Home Premium

    Intel i7-720QM

    6GB RAM

    Nvidia Geforce GT 330


    I like the style and gore of the game. When you kill someone, they turn into a mess of blood and unrecognizable body parts!

    I don't know how to chain attacks together. Can you add a tutorial on that in the game itself?

    The visuals in the menus look as if they have been artificially pixelated to fit with the pixel art style.

    The enemies do a lot of damage and with little warning. This makes the game feel kind of cheap when you play for the first time.

    I didn't actually know there was a health meter in the game until a few minutes after playing. I'd recommend moving the health meter down to bottom of the screen and making it contrast more with the background. Perhaps a healthbar? (Though if the player can gain health greater than 100, a numerical health meter would work out better)

    Is the main character a little girl? The player character in-game looks like a little girl, but in the menus, she looks older. Is this part of the mystery of the game?

    The time between dying and respawning should probably be shortened.

    I'm not fully sure what the enemies were supposed to resemble until I saw the death cutscene. Are they wielding canes or arm blades?


    I always feel bad writing long lists of suggestions. Makes me like I'm being overly critical of someone work. :(

    The game looks pretty good at the moment. I think you have a good start here. Can't wait to see how your finished game will look! Keep it up!


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