Global Game Jam Game - "Descenters"

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  • This was my Elmhurst College team's game, Descenters. It is a simple game we made in the 48 hours of the 2014 GGJ, by Balaporte (who does happen to be registered here on the forums and is an amazing C2 programmer), Koopmant (who did the majority of the non-code work), and I (who did some art but more programming).

    Right now it is rather unpolished because we did not have the time to create official levels or progression (i.e. tech demo status), but the majority of the game mechanics we wanted to add have been properly placed within the game! :) But if you have any suggestions at all, please post them and

    Descenders page link

    Descenders game direct link

    And if you ask, yes, our team logo is that of bacon being force-fed to a deer.

    <font size="3">How To Play</font>

    Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.

    Numbers 1 through 7 each spawn your character to move, however, you cannot change characters once you select one.

    Each character can see only one specific object. That character is not affected by their particular object, and some cause particular effects to occur based on the object.

    However, collide with, say, a wall if you do not choose the knight-looking-character, then that character will be knocked out and you must choose another character.

    <font size="3">Future plans</font>

    • Create tutorial and/or in-game instructions
    • Interactive start menu
    • Custom loading screens
    • Level progression through more difficult levels and accumulating characters
    • Compatibility with mobile devices!
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  • Nice concept, but I finished in literally 20 seconds :) I wanted moar!!!

  • Thanks got playing it! We do need to design many more levels for sure. :D The great thing is that Balaporte designed it to load level data from JSON, so adding more levels is as simple editing the text therein. :3

    Have any other suggestions and or criticisims?

  • This is really cool!

    But I'm not sure if i found a bug:

    sometimes after dying I'm able to see ALL water panels even if i didn't die there yet.

    Otherwise great game :)

  • Thanks, Gougth! I probably didn't explain the characters well enough, either that or it really is a bug!

    Char #2 is the Waterzoid, he can see all water, until you choose another character.

    However, if you land in water with a different character, that water will remain visible forever until the next map.

    Does that help? :)

  • A question for other users:

    Would this be fit as a mobile game? Or even something to progress into a paid (say $1) app were it more refined?


    Here is a new screenshot! :D

    <img src="" border="0" />

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