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    Warning... Some parts of the game may be disturbing to you... It may also include flashing lights and mild graphic... Close your eyes or lower the volume if you have a weak heart.

    A story about a survivor, who has a dream to be a fisher. Made for the #FishingJam.


    Newgrounds -


    I can't upload this in the arcade since it's more than 10mb...

    Comments and suggestions are welcome (Since I'll update this game soon) :D

  • That's quite good, nice work! I only played through to the second part though...

  • Thanks... You could keep on playing though for more storylines... :D

  • hi I enjoyed your game.. I thought the story seemed interesting at the beginning.. the game play was a lot more relaxing than i expected.. and again I enjoyed the story as I played.. I thought the fish took awhile to come round to the island when there was only a a few left..and made me a little impatient..

    I like your graphics and the fuzzy video is captured well

    P.S.. I played until I caught the first set of fish

  • Thanks for the comment :D

    Haha... Why you guys no play it longer? xD

  • lol.. ...

    I will go back and play again.. bookmarked the page

  • I'm just curious hehe :) ... Thanks again

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  • toadfrogs

    I just had to come away from the P.C when I was playing your game earlier and didn't want to get engrossed again.. so thought stopping at that point was the best option..

    It is enjoyable and would like to see what had happened to him (the character) and how the game develops..

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi, I just finished it,

    it is pretty good, but there's still some plot holes in the story,

    there's a lot of room for improvement

    keep it up! :)

  • mineet

    I see, well if you have time you could try and finish it so you'll see what happened to him :3


    Meh, well I just submitted this to a game jam and I did rushed... Guess I saw my mistake from Newgrounds (because one also just told me about that) xD ...

    Yeah right, there's still a lot of room for me to improve... Thanks :)

  • Thanks, toadfrogs! I did finish the game. One thing that threw me off was when the camera would reset after the hook comes back, and you have to get your bearings again. I liked being able to see further out into the water. Maybe the camera could stay still?

  • Haha, that's what happen when the hook goes off-bottom screen... You will try to fish again until you've caught them all :D

    Thanks for playing and finishing the game... It's my pleasure ^^

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