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  • <center>

    Drunk Wizard. Play it!

    Stop reading this go play it!


    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3285817/screenshots/bits/concept.png" border="0">

    The Concept: Warren is drunk. The tavern just closed. And he really should stay away from home tonight. Why stay away from home? Because Warren may have done something. Something pretty awful to his Girlfriend. Sorceresses tend to hold grudges. He really should stay away from home.

    What it plays like: Top down shooter. Think Smash TV. With alcohol and fireballs!

    This version is the one entered into the HBgames.org contest.

    full post can be found here

    the plan is to continue progress on it now that the contest is over. feedback and critique welcome. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Very enjoyable Onzephyr,

    I like the story. The instructions are good. With some extra wizardly abilities like freezing the floor to slow down enemies this could be really fun.

    I like how you have coded your enemies, rolling barrels and the jittery bug movement.

    Im not a fan of the controls though, using the mouse and arrow keys doesnt make for a comfortable experience. You might want to conform to the shooter standard, (WSAD) for movement.

    Best of luck in the tourney!

  • GenkiGenga Thanks for the feed back.   I do plan on adding more types of spells. I'm with you on the WSAD, and ZQSD +mouse.   I've also thought about full on keyboard twin stick controls. WASD+arrowkeys. but for now I'm just using the defaults "arrows" and mouse mainly do to my event budget for the contest. The plan is to add them in at the end if I have room. If not I'll add after it's over.

  • Ahh very true, i hadnt thought about the event limit. (smart thinking)

    The twin controls sound very interesting! :) not something i had thought about before.

  • Dual joysticks has never been super popular. I mention it because this game is very much so inspired by the play style of games like Robotron 2084 and Smash TV. Both of them used dual-joysticks.   Don't see many PC games that use it. Only one I can think of off the top of my head is The Binding of Isaac.   So at some point I'd like to add it.

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  • updated original post, with link to final contest entry.

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