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  • Hello there,

    I want to share this test project, so that I can learn the program Construct 2. I have ripped the graphics! :-) I using this program for about 2 days.

    In this version you can walk left and right, shooting left and right. Jumping om some box, and testing parallax. There is also a hud display, not working at the moment.

    I hope you enjoy this little preview:

    Play preview

    CRTL = shooting

    SHIFT = jumping

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  • Interesting :) When you say you ripped the graphics - do you mean from the original? (looks different to what i remember!)

    Ive been working on a platformer for my first project as well. Nice start for 2 days - looking forward to a proper demo.

  • Thanks! some graphics are from wolfenstein 3D, i have change some of the sprites for this platform.

    I have create a new version that I want to share!

    • You can run out of ammo when you are shooting, careful by using your ammo
    • The amount of ammo is displayed in the HUD
    • Some trees are added to the level
    • you can pick-up gold en get some score
    • Sound is add to pickup items
    • Music is add
    • Some enemies you can kill, but they cannot hurt you at this moment. If you hit the enemie (bat) 20 times it will kill.

    I hope you enjoy this:

    View the preview (v002)

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