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  • Hey guys! I've got another game in development. It's a tower-falling game where you platform your way up as the tower falls into lava. Its design is meant to be challenging and the graphics are an experiment in minimalism, as the game is stuffed inside a 128x128 window (scaled, of course, on Kongregate).

    I have a testing link for those interested. I am looking for feedback and suggestions!

    My current goal of difficulty is to assume the average, skilled player will take 5-10 total attempted before completing a level. However, levels 02 and 03 may require up to 10 minutes, which is unfortunately the current difficulty which I need to scale back.

    Here is the link: This may require you to use a private browsing mode. Results have been mixed.

    And here is a short GIF of the progress:

    You can select levels 01 through 03 by clicking on greyed out squares:

    . These levels require the use of the "e" keyboard control to destroy stones.

    Known bugs on public:

    • Audio can be duplicated on level start
    • S and DOWN keys are specified but have no use
    • Levels 02 and 03 have no icon
  • wow! that's really awesome! addicting too. Well done I was able to get through the first level, so far the game play is hard enough but easy enough to keep going. I would say the perfect amount of rage.

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  • Awesome! Thank you for playing, NeonKraze! I have another build coming soon. My next goal is two more levels and volume controls.

  • The Link to Kongregate isn't working (for me?)

    Also search doesn't help

  • fm4fanAT sorry about that. The link is meant to be able to access the preview, because it isn't publicly listed (public games in development can be one-star'd into oblivion).

    Also honestly not sure why the link isn't working for you. It's fine for me on a different network and without being signed in.

    Are you on a mobile device? Apparently Flash is also required on Kongregate (likely because of their ad-service) and mobile devices often can't play on the site, sadly.

  • DatapawWolf

    Jep link is broken - but only inChrome where I am signed in

    If I try it in Opera or Firefox (where I am not logged in) it works

    And yes you need Flash - for whatever reason

    About your game:

    Looks very good - I'm normally not a huge fan of this kind of games, but yours is nicely done.

    A small thing is that your menu sound effect is a little bit to loud for my taste.

    The big thing is that the controls sometimes don't respond - and that makes it unplayable. I saw that with other C2 games as well - it just happens from time to time that the control gets stuck (like keeping moving right) or the jump doesn't respond.

    I tested your game on my laptop that has some issues with fps, but that makes it perfect for testing to see bugs.

  • Hey peeps! Some updates, actually. New information in the top post and you can check out the updates!

    As Jeb said, you might need to use Firefox or Opera, but incognito mode in Chrome may work.

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