TAGSTER- 2 Players, 2 times the fun!

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  • @Joeriri came up with the initial idea, i asked for permission and he gave it to me to remake the game in a split screen format. I have done it before but this time i decided to polish it for a much better play style!

    Member request: The project itself is not hard, but things lke Gfx or Sfx is not my forte so if anyone else is up to joining the team (No pay, as this is a free game after all, atleast for the foreseeablefuture.)

    Now the game. - goo.gl/VYLEKI

    P1 is on arrows, P2 Uses WASD.

    The top left indicator is the tagger, and they have 50 seconds to tag as much as possible (Balance fix)

    As of now the game has no "end screen", but feed back will be received well along with criticism.

    Note: I do know that the setting screen/help and all buttons except main menu dont work, but im currently trying to get them up. They will be sorted within the week yes i know thats long, but this is a part time project.

    Note2: The FPS counter and Mini Map will be toggleable through the settings in the future under development settings. Theyre currently there to view the generation and obviously watch the FPS without using the hideous development mode.

    Please post your average FPS in game below, i have a powerful PC so my 60FPS may not be across all.

    Thank you.


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