My Pet Sim: Battle Furry Friends (BFF)

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  • I've always wanted to do a pet sim, but they always require loads of time and work. After spending a month or 2 i've been slowly completing my project Battle Furry Friends (BFF).

    Completion Phase: 50%

    Link below is the alpha test stage of the pet sim and will contain loads of bugs, no audio, no tutorial, and missing menus, objects, and items. It's purely to showcase what i've been working on and what can be done on construct 2. I'll post a tutorial for some parts of the game at a later date for anyone wanting to build their own pet game or sim building game.

    Works on mobile and pc browsers

    Link: ... index.html

    About the game:

    You start off by choosing 4 of the beginner pets, and then raising them by leveling them up and evolving them. BFF contains various items, furniture, and other tools to increase the pets stats many of them being interactive (ex. bouncing a ball on top of a pets head, drawing on a chalkboard, battling, taking a shower playing mini games)

    Example of an evolutionary cycle:

    As you play mini-games, do random battles, or anything, your pet will start to get hungry, want to play, or wants to take a shower. If these aren't resolved you will not be able to do anything in-game.

    Currently the stats system is being worked on but will be completed this month.

    Players can purchase various furniture's for their houses and drag and drop them anywhere they choose in the 3 rooms.

    (For testing purposes objects have been unlocked and can be placed by pressing the check mark.)

    There will be over 20+ objects available for purchase in official release.

    Hope you like the alpha demo, suggestions and ideas are welcome~


  • Looking great! Tutorials always welcome, looking forward to those

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  • Great job so far. You have a good base to work from, just have to tighten up all the little loose ends here and there. Bug testing will be a nice challenge for you. Its awesome how many different features you are adding to the experience. Reminds me of a few pet simulators Ive played. Look forward to seeing more.

  • thank you guys and yea alot of things to work on but cant wait to get it done

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