Need some feedback on my Platforming Game (Alpha)

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  • Hello everyone, been working on a Platformer game for about two months now. I am constantly updating the game but haven't heard much of feedback, In need of some player feedback on how to improve the game or make it more enjoyable. So far its 6 worlds and a boss fight, please remember its in Alpha and by no means polished or done. Thank you! and hope to hear back. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> ... lpha-17279

  • Black screen desktop and mobile...

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  • What? How would i fix that? ive had a few people play test it but none ever ran across a black screen.

    Thank you for the feedback as well!


  • -Update- Changed display and resolution settings to fit more people hopefully fixing the black screens. Current game is not mobile ready


  • Nice, I like it. Good job. More levels please.....

    Some things

    Firing while jumping seemed not to work sometimes.

    also not clear or apparent how, or if, I can control the angle of bullet rebound.

    It would be good to develop this rebound mechanic so that player can learn to use rebound skillfully to destroy enemies.

    and maybe make level have 45 degree angles so that rebound is more obvious.

    this could evolve into something very cool..

  • Thank you very much for the feedback we are happy you enjoyed! The rebound mechanic is something we are definitely working on, 45 degree angles sounds like a pretty awesome idea. the bullet rebound itself is seemingly controlled by distance/height from block, but we don't really know exactly it works, Will definitely be putting more tests towards it!

    More levels are defiantly on the drawing board. the first thing we are currently doing is making a better UI, one that can be transferred much easier than what we currently have, then we can go pretty wild on the levels.

    I will be taking note of the jump firing problem and exploring ways to fix it

    Thanks again for the feedback!


  • I discovered often while jumping the platforms, the blue guy can stand on the edge of a platform. Also he can stick to the 'wall' and proceed jump up to the platform that type of action you know...

    A narrower collision box on the character sprites maybe helps?

    Anyway, this is a cool game. Thumbs up!

  • glad you enjoyed! the sticking to the wall you are referring to is actually a feature that we derived from a bug, it is equal to grabbing the side of a ledge then hoisting yourself up. we sometimes now plot our platforms around the fact you can "grab" the edge autonomously. we have future plans to have the sprite express the fact that it is grabbing an edge, and not just caught on a collision.


  • Update 0.3.0 is finally out! We added 3 brand new enemies all of which have a ranged attack and will wear you down over time. Two new levels have been introduced as well in the new red 'World 3'. Will work on World 2's boss fight next as well as music for world three, and of course two more world 3 levels and a boss fight. Hope you all enjoy!


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