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  • Hello everybody!

    This is the first time I'm making this game known about publicly,

    It's been in development since August, it got stuck during September, but it's made a full recovery.

    My game doesn't have a set name as of yet, however it is going by the project codename "NITL". (The codename is also a hidden joke.)

    It's in the Metroidvania genre. I've mostly been doing the mechanics and bug fixing instead of sprites and story.

    Like Metroid, it's going to be a minimalist story focusing solely on gameplay.

    If the game looks unfinished, it's because it's total development time rings to about 2 (two) months.

    And I was obsessing about one particular thing during it, namely the inter-layout transition which Tokinsom indirectly helped me figure out. (You were the muse for the idea, buddy!)




    I chose 8-bit because it's easiest to sprite, and considering I'm all on my own I have to do it myself.

    I had a team helping me out with the programming, music and sprites but they left without telling me so I'm on my own again.

    The forums have been a major help to me in keeping this alive, I thank everyone that's helped me on here and I apologize for bugging you guys in the event that I do.

    The game currently sits at 224 events and 24.8mb download, I'll try and put up a demo for you guys to play around with later.

    If you want to help out, I'd greatly appreciate a lot! Just send me a PM if you do.

    Will update later, bit busy at this instant.

  • Here is a link to the pre-alpha demo!

    Important Note;

    Some of the background songs are very large, so you have to give them time to download before they play.

    So don't worry, the game isn't buggy.

  • That's coming along pretty good! The character movements seemed a bit fast, which may be a problem if you ever have vertical sections. When the screen starts moving up and down and side to side really fast, it gets a little disorienting.

  • ryanrybot

    Are you sure it's the player's speed and not the browser performance making it look jittery?

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  • It was buttery smooth when I played it, and it controls well. I was just mentioning that it looks like you have the camera following the character, and if you ever have vertical sections that require a lot of jumping you may find that, with the entire screen moving to follow the character, it could get a little hard on the eyes.

  • Nesteris

    Metroid:ZM Engine (Construct 2 Metroidvania Prototype


  • ryanrybot

    There's two types of in-game cameras, one is set to the player's position every tick if the player is not overlapping a camera zone, the other is a lerp camera that is more smooth with the movement with a 0.1 "delay". The lerp camera is the one that's used for vertical shapes and traps.


    If you read the post you'd see that I mentioned one "Tokinsom" helping me, as in the same person who created that video which I've already seen when it came out.

    As for the game, a new demo version could come out on here soon with new features and map!

  • looking good

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