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    This is a test of a kinetic novel game I've been working on. A kinetic novel is like a visual novel, except no real interaction. It's like a book with images and music. Here's a link to a video of it:

    Artwork and C2 stuff is by me, and the music is by a friend.

    One problem I'm running into though is images that overlap and also fade opacities. Like I'd like to have the wings as seperate sprites, for example, but if they fade in/out at the same time as the main body, then you can see through everything. Sort of like how at the end you can see the background stars through the angel. Is there any sort of easy masking method to use for that? For testing purposes I've just merged them into one big sprite for the moment.

  • The artwork is really nice. The animation is very fluid, did you use Spriter or something?

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  • Thanks! I animated them in After Effects and then exported them as PNGs. It's not very efficient though since it's frame-by-frame. I just did buy Spriter however, and am going to try that out.

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