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  • Immortalitatis

    RPG Framework

    The project: an RPG framework built to be flexible and utilize what I call the SRSB (Single Reflexive Stamina Battle) system as the primary combat mechanic, and a basic tile-based movement and display system for the travel mechanic.

    SRSB: This combat system does not use the traditional turns of most RPGs. Rather, it utilizes stamina to determine whether or not an actor may perform an action. Primary actions such as blocking, focusing, and running do not require stamina but the stamina total may have an effect on regeneration or effectiveness. Other primary actions such as abilities generally require stamina and may be able to add certain buffs or debuffs, and cause damage to a target or targets. The goal of the system is to provide a fast-paced yet simple and original combat system that can be played on any device, with but a touch-screen (and configurable by keyboard/slide-out if desired).


    background graphic made by Delfos of Open Game Art)

    Current Code Structure:

    • SRSB uses what I call an "action que" which means that when when a string of data is sent to the actor's que (as specified by IID), the code loops through flags to determine how the action is to be performed. Right now the buttons you see in the above GIF send hard-coded data to the que, but a list will be created in the future to dynamically add actions to a que by pulling from JSON.
    • Per-frame damage. In SRSB, I recently added assignment of damage per specific frames of animation. In other words, if animation A is chosen to play for ability B, with damage frame 3, when ability B is executed and animation A plays, when A hits the 3rd frame, damage will then be calculated and applied.
    • Weapon animations now play and the graphic is determined by the "equipped" weapon #.
    • The tile-based map system is yet-to-be-determined. I would like to use Tiled and have maps also loaded from Tiled's JSON files, but I am not sure how I would go about doing that. The current basic map was simply made using sprite objects, and will be changed later.
    • The encounter system is also working in basic form, and again will need to load JSON depending on the map and/or event. Unsure of using the traditional encounters per step like the early Final Fantasy series, or something akin to Grandia 2 or another system.

    In Progress:

    • Shield icons during block animation and/or weapon icons in the case of no shield
    • Basic Artificial Intelligence
    • Death animations and HP checking

    Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

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  • wow, I really like the idea of this battle system ("SRSB"). Did you come up with it yourself? Turn based games move a little too slowly for me but this seems like a really fun concept to make it much more fun.

  • russpuppy The inspiration came from reading about a few different battle systems that utilize stamina as energy instead of a time gauge or by turns. I took that idea and decided to expand upon it by first giving it a name, and attributing specific characteristics.

    For example the current system, being limited to one main PC, is where I get "Single" from. "Reflexive" comes from the primary actions such as blocking, attacking, and later the ability to focus in order to increase stamina regeneration. These actions will take require more of a reflex and responsiveness from the player. Now for stamina I would like to have a large maximum capacity, and one that is generally static in the sense that it won't scale with "levels" but determined by equipment. The idea of using stamina as a gauge, like I said, comes from other battle systems, but the mechanics of it are ones I have determined to fit best with the rest of the battle system.

  • New update! And new GIF.

    This is a snapshot of R017 containing the new hit animation, block action and animation, and weapon animation. See main post for more details! :D

  • Nice work.

  • iceangel thanks!

  • That's amazing! Would love to play a game with that system.

    It gives the battle an "asynchronous" feel that very few turn based battle systems could emulate. Something like when, on Suikoden, two characters attack the enemy at the same time, I loved that! But this battle system? It's a whole new level.

    Will keep my eyes on that!

  • Amazing piece of work. It's nice to see C2 being used to it's full potential.

  • diogomuller glad to hear! :D I will try to make it as smooth a system as possible.

    Tekniko why thank you. I try. :)

  • Sorry to bump your old system you were working on but was wondering how it's coming along if you've gotten any more work done with it? Looks like a pretty interesting system and design.

  • daehawk I have done a bit more since my last update. Just struggling at the moment for some direction for my battle system (what to use it for). It works, but right now it's more proof of concept than any sort of fleshed out system. :/

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