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  • Heyo. This is a kinetic novel a friend and I have been working on (art/C2 me, and he does the music). A kinetic novel is like a visual novel minus any game element, so it's more like reading a book.

    This is our preview of it. The actual novel starts at 2:30 if you want to skip the intro:

    How I'm working it is basically writing all the dialogue, timers, etc. in a big Excel sheet and then importing the data as a XML file. It works pretty well, although if I could make a more visual editor for the 'pages' (each scene) that'd definitely work a lot better. Spriter is used for the animations. The intro movie and such are made in After Effects and then imported into the novel as movies.

    One thing I was looking to get some help/direction on was episodic content. I had originally planned for the game to be around 30 min reading time, but it's getting to be a lot longer than that, so I figured breaking them up into separate chapters would work better ('separate' meaning we release one chapter every month or so). Then the player just downloads each chapter as it becomes available (this is a desktop game, not mobile). Does anyone happen to know anything I could read/tutorials I could look at for implementing something like that?

    Was also looking for any tutorials on proper importing of video into a C2 game. I've had problems where the video can be choppy, and was wondering if there's maybe better export settings I could use, or if maybe I'm not implementing the video as best I can. Right now it's just a Play event that runs automatically. In the preview video, the intro isn't from the in-game one, but edited in from Premiere, since the in-game one was coming out choppy.

    Thanks! We also had a small Kickstarter fund to get it going (it's over now and was funded), but if anyone would like to follow the progress/updates: ... etic-novel

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